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At StormAssist, we know the pains that everyday Australians suffer when storms interfere with our everyday lives. So when your roof is exposed to hail and the safety of your family is compromised, you now have someone to turn to who will put you and your family first.

We believe that home insurance should be simple, honest and available to all Australians. That’s why you’ll find our place in Australia’s competitive insurance market.

Our free insurance consultation service enables you to feel comfortable when dealing with an insurance company, no matter who they are.

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Storm Hack 1: Did you know that 8 out of 10 Australian’s are unaware of the damage that small to medium sized hail stones has caused to their roof within the past 10 years. Find out if your family is at risk now.

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In today’s day and age, time is scares and it’s the details that are overlooked as a result of this. If you have a policy in place, or are looking for cover, making sense of your policy is simple with StormAssist.

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Afraid of the storm? Then why not learn how to dance in the rain. StormAssist has choreographed an eye catching storm plan to help protect your family, your property and possessions this storm season.

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Severe Storm Hits Brisbane, Sunshine Coast And Wide Bay Regions

South Brisbane is hit with severe storm bringing heavy rain, leading to flash flooding in parts of the Gold Coast. Large hail is a possibility for some parts of the Sunshine Coast.

Severe Storm In Brisbane: Record Breaking and Flooded Inner-City Streets

Last night Brisbane received a record breaking storm, with its highest 24-hour December rainfall total for 20 years after an overnight downpour of more than 100 millimetres. Majority of this rain fell within a two-hour downpour period.

Severe Storm In Southeast Queensland Brings Relief for Bushfires

The severe storm cells were first detected on the radar for Sunday afternoon in the Somerset and South Burnett region and continued to hit many centres throughout the evening.


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Water damage to your home or business can go unnoticed until the walls and timber start to swell. Getting an assessment may uncover risks and incentives.

Solar Panels

With more than 2 million solar powered homes in Australia, safety and security is a priority, especially when solar power uses DC which is unsafe for homes and business.

Roof and Guttering

Maintaining your roof is unheard of in Australia unless you are one of the few Australians that have attempted to repair a damaged roof or guttering from a recent storm.

Building and Construction

If you’ve moved into property that’s been damaged in a storm, and undergone repairs, then a second opinion is a smart way to ensure the quality of workmanship and materials.


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