Hailstorm Labelled as a Catastrophe by the Insurance Council of Australia

A hailstorm impacted communities throughout Southeast Queensland, earlier this week the ICA informed the public that it has been declared a catastrophe.


Insurer Insists “Storm Chasers” to Blame for Influx in Post-Storm Claims

According to the Insurance Company’s spokesman Paul Turner, the “storm chasers” incident could lead to a spike the insurers’ costs and ultimately have a direct effect on reinsurance prices.

COVID-19 Declared An ‘Insurance Catastrophe’ By ICA

No doubt, the economic impact of coronavirus is huge, and the evidence of the disease’s devastation wreaking global markets climbed on Tuesday as activity surveys for the month of March indicated record falls for Australia and Japan

Video: The Worst To Hit Since 1970

This post features some of the worst ever cyclones to hit the Australian coast since the early 1970s—and serves as a reminder that we should always stay prepared.

How We Have Built A Virtual Workforce In Brisbane

The traditional office is avoidable in today’s modern business environment. With the emergence of advanced mobile technology, professionals can now work from anywhere including on the go—on the road, at home, at their favourite joint or any place with good internet connection.

Video: Australia’s Electricity Market

As the country continues to witness extreme weather conditions that continue to ravage through the nation particularly in the east coast and other communities, more and more Aussies are finding themselves disconnected from the grid, and therefore having a resilient power system in place is a must.

COVID 19: How To Work From Home Throughout This Global Pandemic

A shift to the ‘home office’ is sure to become the new norm for many businesses and their employees for the next few weeks or months, following the latest announcement by the World Health Organization (WHO)

Video: Different Cyclone Categories

This category features strongest winds that are VERY DESTRUCTIVE with normal wind gusts on flat land moving at more than 280 kph.  

How Does COVID 19 Compare To the Last Pandemic?

Having pulled through a similar pandemic a decade ago, it’s worthwhile to assume that the U.S. government agencies are well prepared to face this new epidemic. But there are a few differences between the swine flu of 2009 and the COVID-19, and response to each of them.

Drinking Water Quality Under Threat By A Natural Contaminant

DOC is a natural component present in groundwater but the higher the level of its concentration the more complex and expensive it becomes to make groundwater safe for drinking.

Video: What To Do If A Cyclone Threatens?

Fatal injuries and even death often happen when people go out to explore or sight see.

How Can We Help Our Planet? Everything You Need To Know!

climate change is no longer far-fetched as we used to think—it’s here with us, at our doorsteps. The weather doesn’t lie and with every passing day, week, month and year in Australia, climate change is becoming a reality.