Are you looking to breathe a new lease of life into your roof? Well, kudos! Roof restoration is not an undertaking that many homeowners get all excited about; but it’s better than buying a new roof.

Your roof is an important part of your house. It protects you, your household and everything under it from various external elements throughout the year, and has to endure the sun, rain and everything else. As such, it can easily get dirty, deteriorated or worn down.

Building a sturdy and reliable roof over your head is critical. And performing a roof restoration will not only ensure your roof looks appealing; but is also necessary in helping you check for damages, carry out repair works and lengthen its life.

Homeowners should invest in quality roof restoration services to ensure a durable and long-lasting roof. However, as noted by renowned Greg Catton of My Home Improvements, estimating the cost of roof estimation is the tricky part and involves many factors.

While a roof may seem accurate when viewed from the ground level, the story can change when the roof is viewed atop it. This is according to Mr Catton, a licensed builder and all-inclusive roofing guru who has provided proper quotes on a myriad of roof restoration jobs across Queensland and Brisbane.

Relying on the time when the roof was put up can also be misleading when ascertaining its real condition.

In this post, Greg tells us more about the importance of working with a well-skilled roofing contractor able to conduct a thorough roof inspection so as to provide an accurate quote for your roof restoration project.

Here’s a practical scenario:

“Sometime back I was requested to provide a quote on a roof restoration task for a given property in Carindale. From the onset, I knew this roof was about 15 years old and roofed with cement tiles.

Given its age, I thought the roof’s tiles, particularly the ridge caps, were still in a reasonable condition. But to my surprise, I nearly slipped on the damn roof when I climbed up to carry out an inspection.

Shockingly, the cement bedding beneath the ridge capping resembled the Kalahari Desert when placed in the hand. As shown in the image below, the roof’s ridge caps were completely unattached to the roof hence useless.

This shouldn’t have been the case for a 15-year old roof. Apparently, at the time of putting up the roof, the roofing contractor never locked down the ridge capping as expected.

The significance of ridge caps

Usually, ridge caps are manufactured from cement and come in an inverted V-shape, and are arranged down where the roof planes meet an angle. They are extremely important in securing down the roof tiles placed on the top layers of the roofing tiles.

A few decades ago, I’m talking about the pre-1990s; roofing contractors relied on cement to safeguard or “point” the ridge capping. However, with time, it was discovered that cement alone was not very effective since it cracked easily on movement and didn’t provide complete protection to the tiles.

To safeguard against this, roofing contractors began to integrate a product dubbed Flexi-Point in their roofing when “pointing” ridge caps in place of cement.

Flexi-Point is manufactured using water-based polymers and fillers, and normally feels like the ordinary cement mortar. It’s quite different from the conventional and often brittle cement mortar as it retains a higher amount of post-cure flexibility. This allows it to flex in tandem with the roof’s movements without ever breaking or cracking away.

Since the mid-1990s, the Australian roofing industry has embraced Flexi-Point as a standard roofing product.

Unfortunately, it seems the contractor who roofed the Carindale property never saw that memo!

Thankfully, this customer got help as we carried out a thorough inspection which enabled us to give him a proper roof restoration quote.

The quote included a few steps that require the use of Flexi-Point to re-bed and re-point the roof’s ridge caps and reorganise things for a long-lasting, appealing tile restoration job.

So, what do we learn from this story?

Always ensure the contractor of your choice inspects your roof first before giving you a roof restoration quote.

A complete roof inspection undertaken by an experienced and licensed roofer is the best way to find out first-hand the existing and potential problems of your roof such as lichens, broken or loose tiles, water damage, and spoiled ridge caps among others.

No one can diagnose problems with a given roof by simply looking at it from the ground or trying to figure out its status based on its age.

A skilled roofing contractor will take several pictures of your roof to show and explain to you any problems they may have noted. They will also advice you on how to position your solar panels so as to get the most out of your solar investment.”

What happens when a roofing contractor doesn’t inspect your roof before quoting?

Sadly, the roofing industry out there is not short of quacks that couldn’t care less to get up on to your roof before giving a quote. Of course, they do not have the skills to properly detect potential issues to quote on if they only depend on the age of the roof while viewing it from down.

Two things may happen when they decide to climb up on to your roof to start the restoration job after an improper quote:

They will ignore or just cover up any issues they didn’t identify from the onset — leaving you disappointed with a damaged and poorly done job.

They may charge you more than what they quoted for fixing the issues they had no idea about — an awkward position for any homeowner to find themselves in once the job has begun.

Want an accurate quote for your roof restoration? Talk to us!

Our panel of builders boast over 20 years of combined experience in the roofing industry, specialising in metal roof restorations.

We are experts at what we do and begin by carrying out a thorough roof inspection before quoting and an obligation free assessment onsite to give you a clear view of what to expect. With us, you can be confident and sure of quality work during and after the inspection.

For more information on our quality roof restorations or roofing work in general, the experts at Storm Assist will be more than happy to help you..

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