But the biggest reason why people fall victims to poor roofing workmanship and low-quality materials is because majority of homeowners settle for the cheapest quote on the market and hope for the best.

A word of warning from the Founder of Storm Assist

One of our professional roofing experts was sent to provide a quote for removal of an old patio and replacing it with a fascia and gutter. This looked and sounded simple as the job entailed reconnecting to a seemingly new gutter.

The new gutter had been installed by a different roofing company three years before our expert was called in. On closer inspection of the gutter, he discovered that the new gutter had not been installed properly thus was holding water and the only best way to fix it was its removal and re-installation.

Common Roofing Issues

Roofing issues have become commonplace for both newly installed and old roofs. Our crew often comes across newly installed roofs done with sub-standard materials and poor workmanship and if repairs or re-installation has to be done, then new materials and workmanship are required.

So, what normally goes wrong?

In most cases, it happens to home owners who are absent during the time when the roofing works are ongoing. And these scenarios affect residential, rental or commercial properties.

However, this also happens when the property owner has little understanding of the crucial trade standards set for the industry including requirements for gutter and general roof replacement. And why should they bother?

But the biggest reason why people fall victims to poor roofing workmanship and low-quality materials is because majority of homeowners settle for the cheapest quote on the market and hope for the best.

There’s something you need to learn here. Some of the tricks that unprofessional contractors use to avoid scrutiny from potential clients are low quotes that fall way below the QBBCC insurance threshold of $3,300.

“Dodgy Tradies”

Most dodgy contractors rarely quote prices above $3,300 which comes with the obligation of paying QBCC insurance and can attract the potential risk of complaints to QBCC and related accountability.

Contractors that transact in cash also do so to lie to Australian tax payers besides evading being held accountable to authorities. When it comes to challenging roofing tasks like roof replacement, dishonest contractors will cut corners by not presenting the necessary certification or building approvals. These normally cost several thousands of dollars to acquire.

So the fake contractors won’t even want to mention it. Not having the required certifications also aids these scammers to avoid scrutiny from third-parties including QBCC and other certifiers or building approval authorities since approval can’t happen without having a QBCC insurance. This is why dishonest contractors offer cheaper quotes and avoid scrutiny of their work from third-parties.

How To Avoid The Risk

The best way to avoid being a victim of unprofessional contractors is getting several quotes from reputable companies or contractors with longstanding trading histories. Ensure the quotes are valid and provide full description of all the services offered. Also confirm that the company has a QBCC license and is registered with third-party organisations like Master Builders.

Again, don’t always settle for the cheapest quote or screw down reliable tradespeople in order to match unrealistic quotations from fake contractors. Always keep in mind that cheap is expensive so be sure to raise eye brows and scrutinise any cheap quote before choosing the company.

A company is more reliable than an individual given that a business or company will attract checks and balances to ensure that the person handling your job is highly qualified and approved to offer those services. Notably, this added protection will cost you a little more but you’ll rather pay a fairer price for services rendered than get sub-standard services from greedy individuals. A reputable business often offers warranties and that makes it easier for customers to get replacement for faulty products or sub-standard work.

So, if you’re looking for an honest quote and a reliable company for professional roof services including gutter replacement, roof installation or roof replacement in Australia, then contact us or request a quote here.

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