Victoria is expected to start bright with striking sunshine before seeing late showers in parts of southeast on Tuesday, as well as more rainfall in parts of southwest come Wednesday.

Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and southern NSW are set to feel the impact of wintry weather today, as showers accompanied with blustery winds are expected to sweep across southeast of Australia.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, a trough forming north of Western Australia is set to bring about rainfall to the region, along with a high intensity pressure ridge that is expected to clear most rains in southwest Australia.

The same ridge is likely to keep the rest of Australia generally dry.

New South Wales is expected to record sunshine throughout this week, with little frost in parts of northwest tomorrow and late showers in the northern east on Thursday.

Victoria is expected to start bright with striking sunshine before seeing late showers in parts of southeast on Tuesday, as well as more rainfall in parts of southwest come Wednesday.

Sunshine in Queensland is set to turn into cloudy conditions by tomorrow, with rains being recorded in northeast areas tomorrow as well as Wednesday. Showers are expected later in the day on Thursday in the southeast parts of Queensland.

More sunshine is on the way for Western Australia throughout the week till Thursday, as showers are expected in the southwest, alongside rains and wind in the south.

Clearing rainfall forecast in the southeast and west of SA later today, accompanied with a mixture of sunny and cloudy weather across the state until Thursday.

Tasmania is forecast to receive showers across parts of the south and southwest all through to Thursday, with snows and winds over the highlands later today, and falls in the southeast parts tomorrow through to Thursday.

Clear skies with sunshine are ahead for the ACT until the northeast parts see clouds on Wednesday, expected to release late showers on Thursday.

The Top End is set to experience plenty of sunshine with irregular rains in the southern parts later today and tomorrow.

There are warnings in place for marine wind in SA, WA, NSW, Tasmania and Victoria.

Here’s a summary of weather forecast for Monday:

New South Wales

NSW will experience mostly sunny weather with patches of fog and light frost in the western parts early in the morning.

Winds with speeds of 15 to 20 km/h are expected in parts of West and Southwest. Temperatures will range between 9 and 18 degrees Celsius.

This comes in the wake of a shivering experienced in various Sydney suburbs yesterday as they faced their coldest morning so far this year.

Camden, Campbelltown, Badgerys Creek and Bankstown recorded their coldest mornings since last winter.

As the coldest suburb, Camden recorded temperature lows of -0.4. This is the first time Camden’s temperatures have dipped below zero since August 2019.

A warning is in place for highly dangerous winds in the Illawarra, Central Tablelands as well as the Southern Tablelands Forecast Districts.


QLD will be mostly sunny particularly in Brisbane with light winds and patchy fog inland by early morning.

Temperatures are expected to drop to 11 degrees Celsius and hit a max of 24.


Vic is expected to have cloudy skies in Melbourne with possible showers in the late morning and afternoon. There’s a possibility of receiving hail this morning.

Winds W 20-30km/h will shift SW by midday, turning lighter by evening.

The mercury is expected to plummet to 7 degrees Celsius before rising again to highs of 14 later in the day.

Western Australia

Partly cloudy weather is expected in Perth. Light winds becoming NE 15 to 20 km/h by midday, turning light in the early afternoon.

Residents will see a high of 19 degrees Celsius, up from a low of 6.

South Australia

Adelaide will be partly cloudy with chances of fog in the northern suburbs come early morning.

There are slim chances for showers mostly in the hilly and southern suburbs. Winds SW 15-25km/h are set to become lighter in the evening.

Temperature lows of 9 degrees are forecast before rising to tops of 15 degrees Celsius.


Cloudy weather is expected in Hobart with high chances of experiencing showers and some hail in the morning through to the afternoon.

Snow is forecast to fall above 600 metres today morning. Winds with speeds W/SW at 35-55km/h are forecast.

The mercury is expected to shift 4 degrees Celsius, increasing to 5 degrees in the morning and 9 in the course of the day.

Australian Capital Territory

The ACT is forecast to be mostly sunny in Canberra with winds at W 25-35km/h shifting to W/NW 15-25km/h in the early morning and getting lighter by evening.

Residents should brace themselves for wintry lows of 1 degree Celsius and highs of 12.

Northern Territory

Darwin is set to experience some fog early in the morning though the day is expected to be sunny the better part of the day.

Light winds will change to E 15-20km/h in the morning, turning light later in the evening.

After a temperature low of 19 degrees Celsius, temperatures are expected to rocket to highs of 32 degrees Celsius.

An upper trough brought about rare heavy showers to several parts of the Pilbara yesterday, coming at a time when rainfall is usually at its minimum.

Moisture has been moving over the Pilbara region, thanks to the current trough and the warmer-than-normal waters emanating off the WA northwest coast.

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