If your home or property bears significant damage such as flooding, ripped off roof or flooding, call the SES on 132 500.

As schools close for holidays, the southeast parts of Australia are looking forward to a spring cold snap which is setting in as the initial fire warning this season is in place for New South Wales.

Both a trough and front are set to bring about wintry winds and rainfall to Victoria, NSW, Tasmania and southeastern parts of South Australia.

Rains are forming into snow within the Alps as troughs produce heavy showers combined with storms over Queensland and the northern NT.

A trough lingering over the southwest parts of Western Australia are forecast to bring gusty winds and rains.

Here’s a broader outlook of Australia’s weather on Friday, September 25, 2020.



The two states are expected to be sunny with cool-to-mild conditions in the northeast areas. Storms, showers as well as cool-to-cold conditions will be experienced in the southeast with the Alps receiving snow. The southwest will be cold with both storms and showers. The northwest is expected to be windy with cool-to-mild conditions.

Dry, warm and windy conditions are expected ahead of the cold front set to bring increased fire danger in the Far North Coast later today.

Sydney is likely to be windy with some showers and temperature lows of 11 degrees and highs of 25 degrees Celsius.

Canberra is expected to be cold with some showers later today and temp lows of 2 degrees and peaks of 10 degrees Celsius.

There’s an alert in place for sheep graziers in forecast districts of Hunter, Mid North Coast, Illawarra, Northern Tablelands, Southern Tablelands, Central Tablelands, South Coast, Riverina, North West Slopes & Plains, South West Slopes, Central West Slopes & Plains, Snowy Mountains, Lower Western and the Australian Capital Territory.

Cold temperatures, showers and westerly winds are forecast today. There’s potential risk of losing lambs and sheep due to these severe weather conditions.


Storms and showers as well as cold weather will be experienced all across Victoria. The Alps will record snow. Melbourne will be rainy today with temperatures dipping to 8 degrees and peaking at 12 degrees Celsius.

There’s an alert for sheep graziers in forecast districts of Wimmera, Mallee, North East, South West, North Central, Northern Country, West, Central and South Gippsland as well as Gippsland.

Rainfall, cold temperatures and southwest to northwesterly winds are expected today. There are high chances of losing lambs and sheep due to these harsh weather conditions.

South Australia

There will be storms and showers as well as cold-to-colder conditions in the central and southeast parts of South Australia. The west will be mostly sunny with cool-to-cold conditions. The north will be cold with showers and fresh winds.

Showers in Adelaide will ease today with temp lows of 7 degrees and peaks of 14 degrees Celsius.

An alert is in place for sheep graziers in forecast districts of West Coast, Flinders, Mount Lofty Ranges, Eastern Eyre Peninsula, Lower Eyre Peninsula, Kangaroo Island, Yorke Peninsula, Riverland, Mid North, Murraylands, Lower South East, Upper South East, North East Pastoral and North West Pastoral.

Cold to extremely cold temperatures, some hail, showers, potential thunderstorm and severe west to southwesterly winds are set to be recorded today. These conditions are likely to cause loss of lambs and sheep.


Storms, showers and cold are expected in the south with snow and windy conditions on the highlands. Rainfall, storms and cold will be experienced later today.

Hobart should brace for late showers with temperature lows of 5 degrees and peaks of 14 degrees Celsius.

A strong wind alert is in place for the Central West Coast and the Far North West Coast.


Queensland’s southeast will experience sunny with mild-to-warm conditions. The northeast will be mostly sunny and warm conditions. The northwest parts will experience sunny to warm conditions as the southwest records windy and cool-to-cold weather.

Brisbane is set to be mostly sunny with temp lows of 15 degrees highs of 30 degrees.

A strong wind alert is in place for parts of Moreton Bay, Gold Coast Waters and Sunshine Coast Waters.

Western Australia

The southwest of WA will experience showers with cool-to-mild conditions. The south will be mostly sunny with cool-to-cold weather. It will be sunny with warm conditions in the northwest. The northeast will be mostly sunny and warmer.

Perth could experience thunderstorms and temp minimums of 14 degrees and maximum of 23 degrees Celsius.

A severe weather warning is in place for highly damaging winds in the South West and Lower West forecast districts.

A trough tracking to the south over the central parts of South West Land Division alongside a high pressured ridge in the Bight has brought about gusty conditions over the foothills and Darling Scarp during the night.

Areas likely to be affected include Kalamunda, Donnybrook, Dwellingup and Mundaring.

This weather is not common at this time of the year and strong winds are set to cause damage to property and render most roads impassable.

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services has advised people to:

  • Find safe shelter away from trees, power lines, storm streams and water drains if outside.
  • Close curtains and blinds, and stay indoors away from windows.
  • Unplug all electrical appliances and avoid using land line telephones when there’s lightning.
  • Leave the water immediately if boating, surfing or swimming.
  • Stay alert and watch for perilous conditions on the road including fallen power lines and trees or loose debris.
  • Stay away from flooded rivers, drains, streams or waterways.
  • Take caution when around fallen trees, debris and damaged buildings.
  • Beware of fallen power lines. They are fatal and you should always treat them as live.
  • Carefully assess your car, home and property for damage.
  • If there’s damage to your property, take photos and contact your insurer to arrange for repairs.
  • If your home or property bears significant damage such as flooding, ripped off roof or flooding, call the SES on 132 500.

Northern Territory

Storms and showers are expected with very warm conditions in the Top End. Fog and later sunny and mild-to-warm conditions will cover the Arnhem. The south and interior will be mostly sunny with mild-to-warm conditions.

Darwin may experience thunderstorm with temp lows of 24 degrees and peaks of 33 degrees Celsius.

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