He said the slight storm only lasted for about half an hour, but dumped 23mm

Farmers in west Bundaberg claim Thursday’s hailstorm was unprecedented and the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) warns that it may just be a tip of what lies ahead in the next couple of days.

Rain gauges were hit by golf ball-sized hailstones yesterday afternoon with the drying streams experiencing their first run in months.

According to Barry Whittaker a resident living on a nearby property in Eidsvold, the aftermath of the storm left him a happy man.

“I got in my cruiser to see if the creek was over and the jolly hail, from the water washing it out onto the road, I had to go through a foot of hail,” Mr Whittaker said.

“We would have had up to 100 millimetres of rain and the hail was three to four inches deep around the house.

“I’m not complaining, I’m laughing.”

Apparently, all the seven council regions are set to experience drought.

According to Rodney Johannesen a local cattle grazier situated at Malarga which lies between Kilkivan and Biggenden, “the noise was deafening, it was just torrential rain and there was not quite an inch in the rain gauge,” Mr Johannesen said.

“All the fly screens on the house along one side and across the back have been torn to shreds.

“We’ve had virtually no rain for seven months here so we’re really, really desperate.”

‘Haven’t Seen Hailstones This Size In 25 Years’

The Thursday storm also smashed the grazier on Liam Payne’s property. He said the slight storm only lasted for about half an hour, but dumped 23mm and in the process the heavy hail destroyed their rain gauge.

“It was spectacular and it got a bit scary,” Mr Payne said.

“Hopefully we are on the way to fill a few dams.

“Everyone is looking for rain so a few of these good storms would be nice.”

Supercell Sunday

Starting this Sunday and through to Wednesday is forecast as an active storm period for Burnett and the Wide Bay.

In a statement, a senior forecaster at Bureau of Meteorology, Kimba Wong noted that seven-day totals exceeding 200mm were a possibility.

“You couldn’t rule out higher rainfall totals if storms hit the same areas,” Ms Wong said.

“There could be supercells in the Wide Bay and Burnett area on Sunday.”

Famers in the region are hoping for more rains but just the kind that won’t leave a trail of damage behind.

“Let’s hope what we’ve had opens the soil up and it’ll just want to suck it in like a big sponge,” he said.

The Bureau of Meteorology predicts that the harsh weather conditions will ease later next week as the upper trough tracks off shore.

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