Non-stop heavy showers, damaging hail and strong winds caused a power outage in more than 5,000 households and led to flash flooding in various areas.

Southeast Queensland is set to experience a third day of unrelenting storms after it recorded several “intense cells” that hit parts of the region yesterday.

Non-stop heavy showers, damaging hail and strong winds caused a power outage in more than 5,000 households and led to flash flooding in various areas.

As the heavy storms ravaged through parts of the state, Energex recorded over 80,000 lightning strikes as 18 powerlines were brought down.

According to Felim Hanniffy a senior meteorologist, the system was lingering over the state today and could deliver a fresh wave of harsh weather.

“It’s very coastal at the moment but it could bring a chance of some shower and storm activity as it clears off,” he said.

“There’s still instability around late morning and early afternoon so it’s worth keeping an eye on.”

In the last 24 hours, inland of Noosa was pounded by some of the heaviest rains—about 80mm as parts of the Southern Downs and Wide Bay recorded up to 100mm.

Heavy downpours of up to 150mm have been received in Brisbane in the past four days, enabling the capital to surpass the October average.

In a statement to, meteorologist Pieter Claasen noted that the incoming La Niña was delivering moisture that is nourishing the storms.

“We still need those weather systems to come through and essentially fire the trigger of that loaded gun but when those weather systems do come through … we can certainly see events like this, where you received much more rainfall,” he stated.

Southern Districts Facing Fire Danger

Mr Claassen further explained that warmer and clearer weather was on the way but warned Queenslanders not to ignore the other lingering weather risks moving into the weekend.

“By Friday pretty much all of the weather throughout the entire state should have cleared off and look like we’re heading to sunny days,” he said.

“Even some severe fire dangers forecast for southern districts as well — so really quite a big turnaround.”

The president of Gympie District Beef Association Mick Seeney stated that it was such a relief seeing green vegetation again following the heavy showers.

“Before that it was just desolate you know, the grass was really short, the cattle were really hungry and you know the farmers were just losing the confidence that it was going to rain again,” he said.

Mr Seeney added that the rains were definitely welcome news though they were looking forward to more rains which are so much needed.

“This only provides grasses, but no run-off and in most places there’s very little surface water left,” he said.

The avocado farmers were overjoyed with the arrival of the rains which have been persistent for the last three days. Most parts of the region including west of Gympie had not received decent showers since January this year and farmers feared they would lose their lots.

“I got quite depressed because when you’ve got 1,000 trees and all you can do is sit back and watch them die,” noted one Mr Tidy.

He added that the showers had been widespread within the Gympie area though more rainfall was needed to break the effects of the long drought.

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