Heavy showers continue to pound various parts of the state even as the expected “very dangerous” and “life-threatening” thunderstorms ceased, according to the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM).

An earlier severe thunderstorm alert for Queensland has been cancelled following a day of wild weather day.

Heavy showers continue to pound various parts of the state even as the expected “very dangerous” and “life-threatening” thunderstorms ceased, according to the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM).

During the evening, the weather bureau warned that the weather conditions were “volatile and continuing to change quickly).

The extreme weather unleashed unexpected downpours and huge hailstones on several towns, as the radar revealed severe storms sweeping across Queensland from Wide Bay all the way to the NSW border.

“Some of these storms are fast-moving and fast-forming, so people should consider whether they need to be outside or on the road at the moment,” the BOM noted earlier.

“The threat for the south-east will continue through this afternoon and into tonight.”

Reports seen by Storm Assist confirmed giant hailstones of more than 12cm in diameter were received.

“Today has been one of the most intense thunderstorm days of the season, affecting much of the slopes, ranges and coast of NSW and southeast Queensland with large hail, damaging winds and heavy rain,” this is according to Brett Dutschke a senior meteorologist at Weathezone.

“Storms produced hail as large as 13cm diameter in the Hillcrest area, south of Brisbane, wind gusts of 100-105km/h in the Byron and Moreton bay areas and 115km/h at Cape Moreton and rainfall amounted to 23mm in just 10 minutes in Sydney’s Lucas Heights.”

Approximately 160,000 lightning strikes were recorded in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast regions throughout the evening to 5pm AEST.

“The intense storms formed as a pool of cold air passed over the top of warm, humid, unstable air in a low pressure system,” Mr Dutschke explained.

“It was the warmest day this early in the season in 17 years in Cape Moreton, reaching 30C.

“This system is starting to move off the east coast, leading to a much quieter Sunday.

“Just to the south of the low, strong, moist unstable winds delivered more than a month’s worth of rain (100mm) in just 3 hours to Ulladulla and Moruya. Further inland rain was not as torrential but still brought a month’s worth of rain (43mm) to Young on the southwest slopes.”

Harsh day as Queensland votes

Earlier today, most properties had been seriously damaged by the huge hail and heavy showers as Queensland hit the polls for their state election.

Cricket ball-sized hailstones pummeled cars and homes as strong winds brought down trees.

Emergency services were at a home in Springfield Lakes where a tree branch fell on a home, collapsing its roof.

Thankfully, members of the household were in a different room when it happened and hence no injuries were reported.

The SES attended to over 1000 calls from distressed residents of southeast Queensland seeking assistance with majority of callers being from Logan and Ipswich.

In their statement, the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services issued an emergency warning for Laidley, Ipswich, Jimboomba, Lockyer Valley and Amberley areas.

“Severe thunderstorms are forecast to affect the areas, which could lead to destructive winds and giant hail,” the statement said in part.

Various parts of New South Wales copped with the rainfall as Ulladulla in the state’s south coast doubled its annual rainfall amount of last year after recording in excess of 110mm of rainfall within three hours.

A powerful thunderstorm alert is in place for parts of the Blue Mountains, Sydney and Central Coast.

The ACT also experienced some harsh weather today with Canberra forecast to receive up to 60mm of rainfall in a month where it has already hit more than triple in its long-term monthly average of 62mm, with gauge having recorded above 130mm so far.

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