the current weather was synonymous with winter but not typical for this time of the year

Perth has recorded rainfall totals nearing its monthly average in just one day as a heavy storm delivered rain and hailstones to the metro area.

In the last 24 hours Perth has received 18.8mm of rainfall with a total of 56.6mm having been recorded so far this month, far above the November average of 21.7mm.

The heavy showers formed part for a cold front that started tracking through the coast on Monday morning.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) spokesperson, the current weather was synonymous with winter but not typical for this time of the year.

Other areas in the metro that have recorded substantial rainfall amounts in the last 24 hours are Bickley at 59.2mm, the Swan Valley at 37.2mm and Gingin at 29.2mm.

More rainfall is expected on Tuesday with some relief mid-week before returning on Friday.

A severe weather alert is still in place for Windy Harbour in South West parts all through to Israelite Bay along the South Australian border.

Damaging winds moving at speeds of up to 100km/h are forecast in the morning before the weather conditions ease later in the afternoon through to evening.

Destructive surf conditions likely to cause beach erosion are forecast in the area between Albany and Cape Naturaliste.

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services has urged residents to take caution of fallen trees or powerlines and avoid swimming or using boats in parts covered by the existing weather warning.

Tomorrow: 20C, cloudy

Thursday: 22C, partly cloudy

Friday: 23C, shower or two

Saturday: 22C, shower or two

Sunday: 23C, partly cloudy

Monday: 26C, mostly sunny

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