Penrith is scorching with the hottest day in the western parts of the city

Temperature in western Sydney have hit peaks of 40 degrees and continues to soar in various parts of New South Wales as the northwesterly winds deliver hot air gusts from inland.

Penrith is scorching with the hottest day in the western parts of the city as temperatures along the coast are expected to reach their highest later today.

“Sydney CBD and across eastern Sydney are expecting a top of 36C… expecting that warmer temperature to really peak around 5pm,” explained Agata Imielska the Bureau of Meteorology’s NSW and ACT Hazard Preparedness and Response Manager.

“But western Sydney will be warm throughout the day, expecting high 30s and low 40s.”

The state’s northern parts are also set to experience a hot day with Tamworth poised to record a peak of 38 degrees Celsius.

In NSW, the mercury will hit 34 degrees in the Central Coast, 35 degrees in Newcastle and top of 30 degrees Celsius in Wollongong.

The Rural Fire Service has put in place warnings for the greater Sydney, Shoalhaven, Illawarra, North West areas, North Coast, Northern Slopes and the far south Coast regions.

According to information received by Storm Assist the northwesterly winds are responsible for the hot conditions as they carry hot air from inland Australia.

The mercury is expected to plummet later today and a 20 percent chance of experiencing storms in the afternoon.

By tomorrow, the peak temperature in Sydney is expected at 22 degrees Celsius.

Below is a state-by-state weather outlook for Monday, November 16, 2020.


After the early morning fog, Brisbane is expected to experience a very sunny day with peak temperature of 31 degrees. The Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast are set to experience a sunnier day as temperatures top at 30 degrees Celsius.


Melbourne is expected to have a sunny day with peak temperature of 23 degrees. An early storm is expected in Bendigo as Ballarat braces itself for a mostly sunny condition most of the day.

South Australia

Following a smoldering day yesterday, SA is set to record lower temperatures. Adelaide is expected to experience a hot day at maximum temperature of 21 degrees. Various parts of the state recorded the hottest day yesterday since last summer and hottest day this season in several decades. In fact, it’s considered as the hottest November day in over 70 years at Oodnadatta which hit a top of 47.4 degrees Celsius.


Hobart is forecast to experience a cloudy and rainy morning today, with possible thunderstorms and temperature peak of 22 degrees.


Canberra is expected to record a maximum temperature of 28 degrees Celsius and possible thunderstorms later in the afternoon.

Northern Territory

Darwin and nearby areas are forecast to record high temperature of 34 degrees Celsius.

Western Australia

Early morning clouds in Perth are expected to clear before the mercury rockets to 24 degrees Celsius.

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