Early forecasts seen by stormassist.com.au indicate that Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart, Brisbane and Darwin will be mostly cloudy with rainfall, as storms are forecast in some cities.

This Christmas will be very different as Aussies won’t be hitting the beach or crowding around the BBQ, with predictions showing clouds and few showers in many capital cities.

Early forecasts seen by Storm Assist indicate that Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart, Brisbane and Darwin will be mostly cloudy with rainfall, as storms are forecast in some cities.

Adelaide, Perth and Canberra are set to smolder in the heat as sunny conditions are expected though initial forecasts are likely to change.

Here’s the weather outlook of all the major cities during this year’s holiday period.


Sydney will be mostly cloudy, peaking at 27 degrees Celsius. Clearing rainfall and south easterly winds might cause temperatures to dip to a low of 19 degrees Celsius.

According to a Weatherzone spokesperson, “Christmas Eve looks like there could be some showers around.”

“Christmas day still looks like there will be onshore winds which could bring a few showers to the Sydney region.”


Queensland’s capital is set to experience similar conditions to those of Sydney—showers, south easterly winds and mostly cloudy weather. Brisbane might also see storms.

Temperatures in the city will peak at 30 degrees and record lows of 22 degrees Celsius.


Unlike most parts of Australia, Adelaide is forecast to be mostly sunny during the Christmas festivities.

The temperature is forecast to hit highs of 32 degrees Celsius with south easterly winds moving west could lower temperatures to 16 degrees Celsius.


The country’s capital will be all sunny with peak temperatures of 29 degrees Celsius.

However, temperatures are set to dip to a frosty 12 degrees by evening.


Darwin is forecast to receive a shower with Christmas Day set to be cloudy with downpours and possible storms.

Temperatures are expected to be hot, ranging between 33 degrees and 25 degrees Celsius.


Melbourne is set to be partly cloudy with clearing rainfall.

South westerly and north westerly winds are forecast with temperatures expected to hit highs of 27 degrees Celsius.


The residents of Hobart will wake up to downpours expected to clear during the day.

It will be mostly cloudy moving into the afternoon.

Temperatures are expected to range between 24 degrees and 13 degrees Celsius.


Perth city will be mostly sunny, hitting highs of 29 degrees Celsius and dipping at 16 degrees Celsius.

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