Keep in mind that the cost for purchasing or building your home will not be the same as that for rebuilding it in case of an eventuality. The real value of a home is in the land it sits on, yet your building insurance will only cover the cost of labour and purchasing raw materials needed to completely rebuild the home in case of a total disaster.  

You finally own your dream first home—congratulations! Now that you have the home loan all paid up and the settlement date on your calendar marked in red, what’s remaining than popping those champagne corks? Well, insuring it deserves attention. This is the place you need to get familiar with.

If you’ve been living in a rental all this while, you probably took contents insurance for your valuables but now as a homeowner you’ll have to consider investing in a good building insurance policy.

In fact, you’ll need to have to do more than think about it as you’ll soon realise that one of the mortgage conditions is to have sufficient building insurance cover.

What does a building insurance policy cover?

The main reason for taking a building insurance cover is to protect your property against things that are uncertain and beyond your control like floods, fire or other natural disasters.

Two covers are available to choose from:

Sum insured that covers damage for a fixed amount

Complete replacement cover that consists of all costs of rebuilding your home and restoring it to the original state before hailstorm smashed all the tiles on your roof

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