As the system forms, heavy showers are forecast for the western parts of Cape York Peninsula for the rest of the week with possible 150 to 200mm expected each day for several days.

Residents of various parts of the Queensland coast are busy preparing their homes and properties for impending high tides and heavy rains accompanied by highly damaging winds brought about by the tropical low set to develop into a cyclone in the next couple of days.

The radar indicates that the system will move slowly off the Western Cape York Peninsula coast before evolving into a tropical cyclone later tomorrow.

As the system forms, heavy showers are forecast for the western parts of Cape York Peninsula for the rest of the week with possible 150 to 200mm expected each day for several days.

Areas most likely to be affected by the heavy rains include the coastal parts lying between Weipa and Gilbert River Mouth.

Those living along the coastal areas have been warned of abnormally high tides set to hit the area in the next few days particularly between the Gilbert River Mouth and the Torres Strait Islands.

“Large waves may produce minor flooding along the foreshore,” a warning by the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) read in part.

“People living in areas likely to be affected by this flooding should take measures to protect their property as much as possible and be prepared to help their neighbours.”

Gales carrying gusts of 110km/h could form around Mornington Island and areas lying between Karumba and Aurukun, and around inland areas early tomorrow morning.

Highly damaging winds are expected to extend northwards to parts between Weipa and Aurukun later tomorrow or early Friday if the system will remain on the northward track.

In the meantime, New South Wales has at last received some relief from a five-day long heatwave as cooler weather conditions are forecast today.

However, the heatwave in the west is set to intensify today with temperatures expected to surpass the 40 degrees mark in the northwest of WA.

Below is a state-by-state weather forecast for Wednesday the 27th of January 2021.

New South Wales and ACT

The northeast will be warm with late showers. The southeast will experience showers with cool-to-mild conditions. The southwest will be sunny and very warm. It will be mostly sunny and hot in the northwest.

Sydney is expected to be significantly cooler later today after experiencing its hottest Australia Day ever since 1960.

Temperatures rose to above 37 degrees across the city and 41 degrees in the west with the city facing its hottest spell in a decade at an average maximum temp of 33.5 degrees in the last 5 days.

Today is set to be cloudy with a low temperature of 21 degrees and high of 26 degrees Celsius. Possible showers expected possibly later this afternoon through to evening.

Canberra is forecast to be cloudy with a low temperature of 14 degrees and high of 23 degrees. Medium chances of rainfall mostly this morning and early afternoon.


The southwest is expected to be windy with cool-to-cold weather. The southeast will be mostly cloudy with cool-to-mild conditions. The northwest will be warm and sunny. The northeast will be warm and mostly sunny.

Melbourne is forecast to be cloudy this morning with conditions expected to clear in the morning. Temp lows of 13 degrees and highs of 24 degrees Celsius are expected.

A strong wind warning is in place for Western Port, Port Philip, Gippsland Lakes, Central Coast, West Coast and Central Gippsland Coast.


A severe weather warning has been issued because of the tropical low situated in the eastern Gulf of Carpentaria.

A monsoonal flow just got weaker overnight, slightly easing the accompanying threat of severe weather though spring tides are still a risk for residents in the northern Gulf of Carpentaria and those in the Torres Strait Islands.

Brisbane is set to be partly cloudy with a low temperature of 22 degrees and a high temperature of 31 degrees Celsius.

There are medium chances of rainfall. Possible thunderstorms this afternoon and early evening expected.

South Australia

The central and southeast areas will be mostly sunny with cool-to-mild conditions. The west and north will experience some showers accompanied with storms with warm-to-hot conditions.

Adelaide is forecast to be mostly sunny with temperatures dipping to 13 degrees and rising to 28 degrees Celsius.

A strong wind alert has been issued for the South Central Coast, Lower South East Coast and the Upper South East Coast.

Western Australia

The southwest will experience mild-to-warm conditions as showers clear. The south will record showers and cool-to-mild weather. The northwest will be sunny and very warm. The northeast will be warm with storms and showers expected.

Perth is set to be partly cloudy with minimum temperature of 16 degrees and peak of 27 degrees. There’s a slight chance for showers, mostly around the coast in the early morning.


The southwest will experience clearing rainfall and mild weather conditions. The southeast will be mostly sunny with mild weather. The north is expected to be mostly sunny with cool-to-mild weather.

Hobart is set to be cloudy with possible showers early this morning. Maximum temperature during the day will range between 13 to 18 degrees Celsius.

Northern Territory

A severe weather alert has been issued because of a monsoon trough that’s deepening in the Top End and a tropical low sitting around the southwest Daly District.

The tropical low is set to deepen further over the southwest Daly District or northwest Gregory District on Wednesday, before shifting westwards to Kimberley on Thursday.

Heavy falls are forecast for Gregory and Daly with flash flooding expected in various parts of the southwestern Daly and the northwestern Gregory Districts today.

The warning zones are set to experience scattered 24-hour showers of totals ranging between 75mm and 125mm, with heaviest falls expected to measure 200mm.

Areas likely to be affected include Nauiyu, Wadeye, Palumpa, Timber Creek, Newry and Peppimenarti.

Darwin is expected to be cloudy with high chances of rainfall, most likely later this morning. Temperatures will range between 25 degrees to 29 degrees Celsius with possible thunderstorm later today.

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