Below are 8 simple steps to take now to prepare your home or property and minimise potential damage during a dangerous storm.

Now Is The Time To Prepare For A Storm

Below are 8 simple steps to take now to prepare your home or property and minimise potential damage during a dangerous storm.

Step 1: Secure all items from your yard or balcony that could be blown around by strong winds

Severe winds can pick large or sharp items like trampolines, outdoor furniture and roofing iron sheets causing serious injuries to people and damage to cars, windows or roofs. Always secure items around your property in case of a forecast of strong winds or severe storms.

Step 2: Clear your gutters, drains and down pipes frequently to prevent blockages

It’s crucial that you ensure your gutters and down pipes are free from dirt as any blockage could cause water overflow under the eaves and into the roof cavity. Remove leaves from your roof as these may find their way into the gutters. Drains around your property should be cleared of any dirt so as to ensure surface water moves freely without pooling around your property. Sometimes pot plants around the property hide drainage grates.

Be sure to move them indoors when heavy rain is approaching. Also park your cars away from low lying drains or areas during heavy rains.

Step 3: Trim your trees and branches that could fall on your home

Confirm with your local council about existing guidelines or if need be for consent application. Keep in mind that your safety is paramount and so it’s important to seek the services of a certified and insured arborist or tree surgeon. Consider having a qualified arborist to inspect your trees every 2-3 years for any preventative measures. Also remember to park your car away from trees during times of strong winds or severe storms.

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