Waters in the Coomera River nearby the Gold Coast are surging and rapidly rising; leaving many worried about how much of their properties would be submerged.

Communities in South East Queensland continue to be battered by pounding heavy falls. Waters in the Coomera River nearby the Gold Coast are surging and rapidly rising; leaving many worried about how much of their properties would be submerged.

“Woke up this morning and my wife said, ‘Where’s the fence gone?’ ” Paul Anderson told Storm Assist as the river waters submerged his property.

“If it goes any further, the foundations could become a little bit of a concern and obviously that’s a big problem,” he said.

Approximately 30 minutes from Mount Tamborine, businesses which usually clean up after a heavy downpour are now stranded after days of continuous drenching.

Along the road to Wangawallan, locals had to be evacuated from their properties after a landslide rocked the area, and there fears of more impending landslides.

‘We’ve had rain; we’ve had floods but nothing like a landslide in this street before” Trevor Kapi told reporters.

“Unbelievable, I just have no words for it”

In the southern parts of Brisbane at Springfield, homes that faced the wrath of Mother Nature in last October’s hailstorm are afraid they could be forced to relocate for good considering the severe damage that’s taking place in the area.

Another resident Louise Manning was woken up by sagging ceilings and a waterfall flowing through her daughter’s room, forcing them to relocate over safety concerns.

“I actually was not sleeping, and I have post traumatic stress disorder” she added.

These bad experiences come at a time when the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) reported that the Gold Coast had bore the brunt of mass falls in Queensland, even as the state continues to be pounded by severe storms.

The weather emergency that happens once in a century gripped both Queensland and NSW, affecting 10 million people across eastern Australia.

The gauge hit 200mm in the Gold Coast in just few hours overnight as “intense flash flooding” left the region soggy.

“The hardest hit region was regions around the Gold Coast, where we have seen up to 213mm fall in a short amount of time,” Jackson Brown a BoM forecaster reported.

“Keep in mind that, that was a similar amount that was recorded on the day previous. Some fairly intense flash flooding occurring through there.”

A flood watch has been issued for the southern parts of Queensland, extending from the South Australia border all the way to the South East Coast.

SES Queensland state coordinator Mr Brian Cox noted that the emergency service had been flooded with distress calls from residents seeking assistance as the dangerous storms continued to cause havoc.

The state has so far received about 820 requests from people in need of assistance, with a few hundred following the mass downpours overnight.

“The rain has really impacted everywhere from Moreton Bay, all the way down to the border,” Mr Cox told reporters.

“There has been a range of calls for assistance from flood inundation to homes, to support for people that have got leaky roofs, all the way to trees down as well as a landslide in the Hinterland area.”

The BOM has forecast more rainfall over the next 24 hours, as the state is put on high alert and the SES crews remain on standby.

“It is quite widespread, like NSW, we have got a widespread area that is going to have more inundation today,” Mr Cox said.

“We put all our crews on standby. The regions in Brisbane, south-east and even south-west are on the highest readiness of alert for our teams.”

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