Tasmanians and Victorians have been asked to expect the “coldest day of the year” as two cold fronts are set to hit the two southern states this coming Sunday.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) has told residents of two states to brace for the “coldest day of the year” as frost and snow are forecast, with another city expected to record subzero levels. Tasmanians and Victorians have been asked to expect the “coldest day of the year” as two cold fronts are set to hit the two southern states this coming Sunday.

According to Jackson Browne a senior forecaster at the BoM, the cold fronts began to track through Tasmania and central Victoria on Saturday before the winter blast hit in the evening through to Sunday.

Temperatures are expected to plunge to 15 degrees Celsius in Melbourne and a low of 13 in Hobart on Sunday, marking it as the “coldest day of the year” for these two states.

Victoria should brace for overnight temperature lows of 9 degrees Celsius.

Mr Browne predicts mammoth swells, rainfall, frost, hail and a bit of snow in the highlands.

By Sunday, snow levels are expected to plummet to 700-800m in Tasmania with Victoria recording 900-1000m.

“The air is cool enough to support snow right now, but there won’t be snow until this evening and Sunday. Tasmania could even get a dusting in areas on lower ground,” Mr Browne noted.

The Alpine and Eastern Highland areas could also experience a snowfall on Sunday in Victoria.

Mr Brown added that Tasmanians should expect a rise in sea levels of up to 10m as gale force winds hit the western coast.

“We haven’t seen seas this large since about July, 2011,” he told Storm Assist.

“It’s an unusual event from a marine standpoint.”

Mr Browne also warned of potential coastal erosion within the sheltered coastal regions near the high tides and asked beach goers to “practice more caution”.

Victoria has already witnessed a dip in temperatures, down from 30 degrees Celsius on Thursday to lows of 16 degrees on Saturday.

In the meantime, Canberra is forecast to record temperatures of below zero degrees on Monday.

The lowest temperatures will be at -1 degrees with the warmest being 17 degrees Celsius during daytime.

Hobart is set to remain cool at 7 degrees Celsius overnight during the weekend, with possible snow on Mt Wellington.

Adelaide is forecast to receive lows of 12 degrees Celsius on Saturday and 19 degrees on Sunday.

Sydney won’t suffer any shivers from the cold blast as temperature peaks of 25 degrees are forecast on Saturday.

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