The dense mist resulted in several major traffic snarl ups and crashes this morning, as authorities urged motorists to take caution on the roads.

The heavy fog which covered most parts of Brisbane and its surroundings this morning has cleared, though the cold front that triggered it is set to develop even more storms.

The dense mist resulted in several major traffic snarl ups and crashes this morning, as authorities urged motorists to take caution on the roads.

One man in Upper Coomera was hospitalised after sustaining neck and back injuries while seven people were treated at and released from the scene of a multiple-car crash along the M1 motorway.

The crash caused heavy traffic within the area as poor visibility resulted in headaches for those who were trying to navigate their way to their workplaces.

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The odd weather event affected Brisbane’s CBD in the wee hours and extended to other western towns including Ipswich.

Mist was thickest in the western parts of Brisbane; meteorologists told Storm Assist with inland regions of northeast of New South Wales experiencing heavy fogs. Westerly winds also carried some fog to the coastal areas.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM), the thick fog was caused by moisture at ground level as it’s compressed by a mass of dry air above it, thereby forming clouds at ground level.

As this morning’s fog cleared in Brisbane, the moisture that triggered it is expected to deliver rain and some thunderstorms within the southeast parts of Queensland and the northeastern parts of New South Wales later this afternoon through to evening, according to reports from the BoM.

The atmosphere is set to become even more unstable tomorrow, as thunderstorms are forecast and possibly, severe storms.

Air quality in Sydney still poor as danger reduction burns linger on

Most parts of Sydney continue to experience poor air quality as controlled burns are witnessed at various sites.

Air quality in Sydney has again received a “poor or worse” category from Environment NSW as the pollution levels going higher due to the continuing hazard reduction burns.

Yesterday saw the smoke in Sydney become more severe that it could be spotted from space as satellites caught the fog from thousands of kilometres above the Earth’s surface.

The thick Sydney mist was caused by smoke particles emanating from the current hazard reduction burns combining with fog being produced.

NSW Health has urged those with asthma and breathing difficulties to take precautions to safeguard themselves against poor quality air by avoiding the outdoor environment as much as possible and seek medical attention immediately if they feel unwell.

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