Late Autumn Storms Bring Heavy Rain, Possible Hail To SEQ

A band of heavy storms battered the region last Tuesday night as 51mm of rainfall soaked Forestdale in Logan in just 30 minutes.

More Storms Expected After Fog Swallows Brisbane

The dense mist resulted in several major traffic snarl ups and crashes this morning, as authorities urged motorists to take caution on the roads.

Butterfly Boom Takes Flight In North Queensland Due To Conditions

The boom comes in the wake of fears in recent times that the unique Ulysses butterfly could become extinct.

7 Solar System Worlds Where The Weather Is Crazy

Our solar system is host to some wild and amazing weather, with its storms being more horrifying in scale than anything ever seen on Earth. From hurricanes on Jupiter that date back to centuries to dangerous winds experienced on Neptune, let’s just say if you were to leave planet earth today, you would be shocked to the point of dropping back to Earth.

Warning Of ‘Significant Rain’ Set To Hit Some Parts Of Australia

Calmer weather is expected in the far south with Canberra set to experience a generally sunny week as temps peak at around 20 degrees and very cold mornings that could plunge to 1 degree on Tuesday and 2 degrees Celsius on Thursday.

Can Bad Weather Really Cause A Headache? Everything To Know!

While it’s challenging to determine the number of people who suffer from weather-related headaches, studies indicate that more than 60% of people who experience migraines believe they are sensitive to the weather.

Extreme Weather Event Could Bring Rain, Hail And Snow To SE Australia

A cut-off low is capable of causing a dynamic blend of wild weather featuring heavy rainfall, destructive winds, severe thunderstorms, hail, snow and dangerous surf.

Rain And Storms In The Tropics While Cold Front Continues

A cold front is causing rapid winds and rain to southeast of New South Wales, Tasmania and Victoria.

Cold Snap Hits Southern States As Heavy Rain Continues In Queensland

The harsh wintry weather conditions also left a trail of destruction on Melbourne roads as the city became awash with rain this afternoon.

Cold Front Crossing Victoria Bringing Rain And Possible Hail

The cool change is set to deliver heavy showers and potential hail to Melbourne this afternoon, as the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) puts in place a road alert for drivers.