10 Things You Should Do Before Making A Hail Damage Claim

keep in mind that some insurers might just raise your insurance premium when you lodge a claim, and that is regardless of whether there was any damage or not, for filing the claim

How We Have Built A Virtual Workforce In Brisbane

The traditional office is avoidable in today’s modern business environment. With the emergence of advanced mobile technology, professionals can now work from anywhere including on the go—on the road, at home, at their favourite joint or any place with good internet connection.

Video: Everything You Need To Know About Bushfires!

Bushfires have quickly become a fundamental part of Australia’s environment. Natural ecosystems including landscapes and all its biological diversity has been redefined by both recent and historic fires.

Here Is 8 Easy Ways To Prepare Your Home This Storm Season!

Keep in mind that storms and other natural disasters can happen anytime and anywhere and so think of where your family members could be when a storm strikes—work, home, school or commuting

Why Does Storm Assist Recommend Colorbond Over Tiles?

Colorbond roofing provides significant benefits when compared to the conventional roof tiles.