Tropical Cyclone Categories Explained: One – Five!

Category five tropical cyclones are extremely dangerous and leave widespread destruction.

Weather Possibly Driving Australia’s Shark Encounters

In 2020 alone, 22 cases of unprovoked ‘confrontations’ between sharks and people were reported, incidents that left seven people dead and 10 more injured.

Bad Weather Setback For Life Beyond Earth – What Does This Mean?

Astronomers recently discovered two rocky planets that were orbiting the Proxima Centauri—a red, dwarf star considered the closest star to the sun.

What Is La Niña And How Does It Impact Australia?

La Niña happens when the equatorial trade winds grow stronger, churning ocean surface currents and bringing cooler deep water up from below.

Storm Safety – Everything You Need To Know!

When a severe storm hits, stay indoors and away from windows or other openings. Move to the strongest and safest part of the house, in most cases the cellar or bathroom. If the storm finds you outdoors, run to any emergency shelter and never shelter under a tree.

How Can You Prepare For Cyclone Season – Storm Assist How To Guide

Be smart and don’t wait until a hurricane watch is in place to start taking precautions because that may be too late. Minimise property damage and sail through a hurricane emergency stress free by preparing prior to the season. 

A Link Between Sharks and La Nina? Could It Be?

The latest shark attack in Port Macquarie earlier this week have left many wondering whether the changes in the watery climate had any impact on the behaviour and movement of sharks.

Could La Niña Cause A Crocodile Baby Boom? The Answer Is Yes!

According to the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM), the weather event is set to deliver more rainfall to Australia, generating perfect mating weather conditions for crocodiles.

What Is a Polar Vortex? Everything You Need To Know?

When the low-pressure system is strong and vibrant, it makes the jet stream to continually travel around the Earth in a circular direction.

What El Nino And La Nina Actually Mean For Australia

Similarly, disturbances happening in one part of planet earth’s atmosphere will be felt in another region.