Version Three Of Tesla Solar Roof Tiles Set To Launch This Week

During Tesla’s annual shareholders’ meeting last June, the CEO hinted that an improved version of the solar roof tile was in its third iteration, and would be available at a cost equivalent to other cheaper, non-solar roofing tiles, after taking into account savings on utility costs, and the cost of acquiring the new roof.  

Researchers Discover Facial Recognition Software Could Help Predict Hail

Researchers at Boulder, Colo. have discovered a new technique of predicting hail that’s beyond anyone’s imagination— Facial recognition software.

Tesla Gets Green Light For Curved & Flat Solar Roof Tile Manufacturing

The new design techniques might be adopted as Tesla works around the clock to release its first commercial version of the Tuscan-style solar roof tiles expected to be mass produced in numbers beyond the previous Tesla solar roof tiles already rolled out into the market.

What Does Hail Sound Like

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