Emergency Services Levy Monitor Accuses Allianz of providing Dodgy Data

Fels’ position has since been disbanded but his final quarterly report and his End of Office Review disclosed that Allianz was one of the “top four” insurance companies he had been investigating since 2019.

Construction Insurer Facing Liquidation After Insurer Demands Fund

On June 18, Qamvis group was put under liquidation with Paul Allen and Glenn Franklin of PKF Melbourne being appointed as the bonafide liquidators.

Commonwealth Bank Invests $500,000 into Fire-Damaged NSW

Australia’s biggest bank is set to pump $500,000 to south coast communities in NSW that were severely affected by the Black Summer wild bushfires.

Is Coronavirus A Turning Point In Climate Investment?

During the event, the CCRI noted that new investment decisions will fall under one of two emerging realities; may be for decades—either a worldwide network of climate resilient infrastructure or a pool of exposed assets poised to make economic and social activities vulnerable to client risk.

Former Australian Ambassador Takes On Major Role At ICA

Ingram, a former Australian Ambassador to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in Paris from 2005 to 2008, is bringing impeccable credentials to the position. Her rich experience also spans from other senior positions held at the Commonwealth Attorney General’s Department as well as the Treasury, besides her many years of service in the position of chief executive and inspector general in bankruptcy at the Australian Financial Security Authority.

Trump Admin Tells Insurers They Don’t Have To Cover Covid-19 Tests

As it it, the Trump administration believes that insurance company gains are more important than the lives of the hardworking nursing home workers and residents.

Resolution Life Gets Past Final Regulatory Hurdle In AMP Deal

Under the new conditions issued, the Trust shall be responsible for holding capital and assets in New Zealand which will act as long-term security for policyholder investments or benefits, where necessary.

Further Initiatives Announced By Insurers For Life and Health Insurance

The move by AIA Australia and Bupa comes in the wake of unpaid claims by insurance companies. Recent days have seen thousands of small business owners in Australia struggle to make ends meet and consequently having their insurance claims for Covid-19 related business interruption losses rejected by some of the leading insurance companies in Australia.

Here Is Your Quick Guide To Avoiding Hail Damage

Sometimes hailstorms are unpredictable and you may not have all the time to check forecasts or the latest information from the Bureau of Meteorology or stormassist.com.au for weather alerts. But with Storm Assist’s hail guide, you can receive fresh warnings and stay informed all the way about what to do to avoid the worst of any storm in your area.

So, Do You Know How Severe Hailstorms Can Really Be?

The storms, which are unpredictable and happen anywhere, anytime of the year but common in September through to March, sometimes generate huge hailstones that cause extensive damage to property, leaving it in need of costly repairs.