Cold Fronts To Bring Snow, Frost Across Southern States Over Weekend

Tasmanians and Victorians have been asked to expect the “coldest day of the year” as two cold fronts are set to hit the two southern states this coming Sunday.

Coldest Morning Of 2021 In Sydney, Brisbane And Canberra

Capital cities along the east coast shivered through the beginning of winter today as Brisbane, Canberra and Sydney woke up to their chilliest morning since the start of the year.

Severe Weather Warning In Place For Parts Of Queensland

Fraser Island and some areas in the northern parts of Townsville bore the brunt of the rainfall overnight with the rain gauge recording above 120mm in various parts, though the system traveled off to the sea this morning.

There Is A Sting In Tail Of Departing La Nina Climate Driver

However, the BOM has issued a warning that while La Nina may be on its way out, another climate driver could as well cause heavy downpours in coming months besides leading to increased tropical cyclones.  

Farmers Say There Is No Normal Any More As Weather Causes Disasters

“The extremes are more extreme.  You’d get a rain event, and it would be an extreme rain event, and then it would be an extreme dry event, and that cycle would continue. You wouldn’t get what we would call a lovely, generous season.”

La Niña Officially Declared Over After Wet And Wild Summer

The 2020-21 summer is considered the wettest since 2016-17, with December 2020 being the third wettest December since 1900 when the national weather records began.

What The Weather Is Doing Over The Easter Long Weekend

The northwest is set to experience the hottest weather, with temperatures set to hit highs of between 30 to 40 degrees each day starting today through to Easter Monday.

Waterfalls Cascade Down Uluru As Severe Weather Brings Heavy Rain

Some of the animals have made a name for themselves, with employees at the national park showcasing a sassy group of native burrowing frogs that became too active at the Cultural Centre building that they set off the security alarms.

Flash Flooding, Power Outages In Victoria As Severe Weather Moves

Parts of Mallacoota situated East of Gippsland have experienced a power outage after an electricity pole fell; this is the same town that bore the brunt of the catastrophic bushfires of 2019-2020.

BOM Weather Radar Update: ‘Life Threatening’ Rain Hits Queensland

emergency crews and police are busy evacuating people from two adjacent streets hit by massive landslides.