ICA Fast-tracks Vulnerable Customer Support But Delays Code Deadline

Generally, a pandemic occurs in 100 years or 200 years, and 2020 is that year and it’s not quite business as usual in the Australian insurance industry. Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, insurers have been directly impacted as companies and the industry at large suffer huge losses.

QBE Shareholders Reject Fossil Fuel Action Demand, Again

For a climate resolution to be made at the AGM, a special resolution must first be approved by existing shareholders seeking to alter the company’s constitution. Nearly 87% of votes cast by members were opposed to the proposal to amend the constitution.

General Insurance Code Of Practice Breaches Surge – “Dramatic Spike”

One of the entities held accountable for 51% of the breaches claimed it had improved its incident reporting system and enhanced governance.

Storm To Hit Perth and South-west WA, Bringing Gale-force Winds

The deep-low pressure system is expected to deliver a cold air mass over the South West Land Division. It is considered the first largest system during the cool system in the year and it’s one of its kinds which only appear once or twice in year

Cobargo NSW Residents Homeless After Fires, Where Is The $2b Going?

In the thick of the fires, after Premier Scott Morrison was mortified to jet back into the country a day early from his holiday in Hawaii, the PM declared a $2 billion bushfire catastrophe recovery fund, expected to assist people like Sarah. Several months down the road, only 10 percent of the funding has been assigned.

Winter Is Coming: Queensland Temperatures Plummet This Weekend

Queensland is one the Australian States that enjoys the best weather year round with four seasons—Summer, winter, autumn and spring.  The sunny days, cool ocean breezes, warm waters and a rather comfortable climate certainly make Australia a popular itinerary for many people from across the globe.

Outlook On Construction Activity In Australia Turns Negative

the construction industry in Australia has been underperforming and there are a myriad of reasons why this has been so. In this article by Storm Assist, you can understand why there are more complaints than applauses for this industry and what should be done to restore it back to the once vibrant industry it used to be.

COVID-19 On The Australian And Global Insurance Industry

Here in Australia, the future looks dim for the insurance sector, which experts at GlobalData an analytics firm, forecast will take a downtrend within the next five years owing to the coronavirus crisis and the tough business environment.

Hailstorm Aftermath: Widespread Damage To Central QLD Revealed

Insurance claims are coming in fast after the monstrous hailstorm that pelted through Central Queensland on Sunday, with the State Emergency Services (SES) warning that the damage could take months to repair.

ASIC Commences Proceedings Against Youi Insurance

the corporate watchdog is in the hunt for declarations with regards to s13 of the Australian Insurance Contracts Act, auxiliary orders as well as costs against Youi.