Increasing Chances Of La Nina Rains For Australia

In 2019, Australia recorded its driest spring ever which fueled the dreadful bushfire in multiple Australian states and territories. This year, spring is likely to look so different for most parts of the country.

Rare ‘Atmospheric Rivers’ Occur In Australian Skies

Australia has in recent years bore the brunt of the costly effects of climate change as the country continues to get battered by extreme weather events including heatwaves, floods, heavy storms, rising temperatures and prolonged drought, all of which have increased the risks of disease, damage, injury and even death.

Sydney, Perth Weather Forecast: Five Weather Events Set To Hit Australia

The wild weather spectacle is far from over, with bureau of meteorologist (BOM) warning that storms, snow, wind, rain, freezing temperatures and violent seas were all on the menu.

Plan To Tackle Recession And Climate Change Could Create 76,000 Jobs

Almost 80,000 jobs are set to be created through a new stimulus plan aimed at rescue the country’s economy from current recession caused by the effects of Covid-19 while helping tackle the climate crisis; this is according to an analysis recently commissioned by the Climate Council.

15,000 Properties Without Power As East Coast Low Ravages NSW Coast

Residents living in areas prone to floods have been advised to secure any loose items in their outdoors as motorists are warned against driving through flooded roads or waters.

NSW Farmers Breathe Easy After Hail Falls ‘Softly’ On Best Crops In Years

In the past three years, Tullamore has received very little rainfall, but recent showers have given Mr Fitzgerald a reason for cautious optimism that the end of the prolonged drought could just be around the corner.

Non-Bank Lenders Tighten The Reins As Sales Decline

As the Australian economy continues to slow down, Chifley has already identified some retail spaces, Greenfield residential developments and retail spaces as well as industrial and hospitality oriented commercial premises as the sectors it won’t offer financing in the second half year of 2020.

Strong Winds And Showers To Descend On To Southeast Australia

Victoria is expected to start bright with striking sunshine before seeing late showers in parts of southeast on Tuesday, as well as more rainfall in parts of southwest come Wednesday.

WEATHER WARNINGS: Wind For East and Southwest Coasts

A trough and low system is expected to generate powerful winds, heavy rainfall and huge waves in the eastern parts of NSW and showers in parts of eastern Victoria along with the alpine snow.

NSW Prepare For Gale-Force Winds And Rain For Sydney Till Weekend

The South Coast of NSW is set to be bombarded by about 100mm of rain on Monday as a combination of strong winds, heavy rains and dangerous surfs are set to hit Sydney on Tuesday.