Further Initiatives Announced By Insurers For Life and Health Insurance

The move by AIA Australia and Bupa comes in the wake of unpaid claims by insurance companies. Recent days have seen thousands of small business owners in Australia struggle to make ends meet and consequently having their insurance claims for Covid-19 related business interruption losses rejected by some of the leading insurance companies in Australia.

Australia Should Expect Plunging Temperatures And Cold Weather

Most parts of Australia are advised to brace for a cold snap this week as Queensland looks forward to its chilliest day of the year as temperatures are expected to dip to single digit degrees in some regions within the state.

Another Cold Snap Is Set To Hit Queensland This Week

In a statement, Shane Kennedy, a forecaster at the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) said the below average temperatures have been forecast for the better part of the week in Queensland’s southern parts of Townsville all the way to the border.

Cost Of Extreme Weather Due To Climate Change Is Underestimated

If the role played by climate change in extreme weather events can be quantified, then the cost of related disaster can also be determined, hence we can place a financial figure on the component of climate change of these costs.

Australian Financial Complaints Authority Investigates BI Test Case

a good number of law firms argue that insurance company exclusions that mention the recently revoked Quarantine Act may not hold up. However, insurers feel the intention of having exclusions is clear irrespective of the act that has been referred to.

Insurers Deny Business Insurance Claims As Battle Begins

The insurance claims are projected to be in excess of $1 billion, as reported by an industry insider.

Will There Be A Spike In Coronavirus Cases Over Winter?

We all know what winter days are synonymous with a few things—runny noses, heavy jumpers and rounds of hot coffee, but then a fresh concern is emerging over Australia’s low level yet continuous community transmission of the coronavirus.

Insured Losses From Riots Reach Catastrophic Levels

The looting and destruction experienced after Floyd’s death were reported in about 25 cities across the U.S and quickly spilled over to many other suburbs too.

$25k Grants From Government For Housing Construction

the Government will issue $25,000 in grants to qualified owner-occupiers to carry out various improvement works on their homes.

Pandemic And Mother Nature Push Industry Into $997 Million Loss

Claims filed by clients affected by bushfires and dangerous storm events resulted in underwriting losses of $991 million in the three months period ending March, a huge shift from the $587 million in underwriting profits realised the previous quarter.