Winter Begins With A Vicious Start As Winds Bring Trees Down

The cold front tracking through the south-east and accompanied by highly damaging wind gusts moving at 100km/h will affect parts of Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales and South Australia.

Code Governance Committee Urges Insurers To Up Their Game

In his final report released in February 2019, Commissioner Hayne disclosed a list of changes expected to breathe a new lease of life into the general and life insurance products along with the overly-regulated financial services industry. The new recommendations included limiting and banning commissions, and increasing the obligations of insurers towards consumers.

According To Researchers Global Warming Is Making Cyclones Stronger

Cyclones have turned into monsters across the world in the last four decades, the analysis of observational data has revealed, backing what both theory and computer models suggested long ago: climate change is causing emerging storms to be more intense and highly destructive.

Business Interruption Appeal Lost: Smoke But No Claim

While the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) acknowledged that bushfires close-by had a significant impact on the small business, the claimant’s policy with Suncorp-owned AAI clearly stipulated that any loss or damage suffered must be physical in nature.

Cyclone Mangga On Its Way To WA As COVID-19 Restrictions Ease

Torrential rainfall and highly dangerous winds are forecast to emanate from WA’s north-west before moving south-east to the rest of the state on Sunday and Monday.

Queensland Government Boosts Cyclone Resilience Funding

Surprisingly, one of the coronavirus outcomes has been a significant increase in clients contacting their insurance companies; and all for good reasons and Queensland has taken note.

‘Terrifying’ Storm Tore Roofs Off Homes Was A Tornado, BOM Says

Apparently, Australia records about 60 tornadoes each year, mostly in New South Wales and Queensland, with Victoria recording just one or two in a year.

Cold Temperatures Covered Most Of Queensland Last Weekend

The abnormally impending cold season is being brought on by a distinct merge of icy conations in NSW and Victoria driven into Queensland by unrelenting Southerly winds.

Cyclone Amphan Death Toll Rises Triggering Crisis Worse Than COVID

According to Ms Banerjee, one of the victims was a little girl from Howrah district, who succumbed to injuries when a wall in her house collapsed.

Roofs Of Homes Torn Off As Storm Rips Through Geelong

The city’s western suburbs were battered by severe winds and heavy rainfall early morning of Wednesday, leaving some of the residents with uninhabitable houses and many more with significant damages on their roofs.