Outlook On Construction Activity In Australia Turns Negative

the construction industry in Australia has been underperforming and there are a myriad of reasons why this has been so. In this article by Storm Assist, you can understand why there are more complaints than applauses for this industry and what should be done to restore it back to the once vibrant industry it used to be.

The Construction Industry Is Underperforming And This Is Why!

smart requires timely engagement of contractor and the supply chain. Smart buildings feature a modern variety of designs and end-products that spell compliance and resilience credentials. They hold integrated capabilities that enhance the operability, functionality, maintainability and sustainability of the building and its users.

How Women in South Australia are Taking Over Construction Companies?

All around the globe, the construction industry is generally male-dominated but this is about to change as more women take up positions in this vibrant sector full of great potential, for its betterment.

Risks That Come Along with Choosing the Cheapest Roofing Quote

But the biggest reason why people fall victims to poor roofing workmanship and low-quality materials is because majority of homeowners settle for the cheapest quote on the market and hope for the best.

Classic Queenslander Home in Moreton Bay is Upgraded out of Empathy

Countless southerners in the rapidly obliterating historic suburbs more often envy folks living in Brisbane. But not so much for the weather patterns as it is for actual evidence that one can manage to juggle between the fundamental characters of their established residential heritage while at the same time creatively transforming it for modern living.

A Guide to Roofing Your House: How to Install a Tile Roof

After a home’s frame has been well aligned, it’s now time to mount on the roof’s cladding. Whether you choose to install the roof before erecting the external walls or after, that will depend on the type of building you’re setting up.

A Guide To Roof Repair: The Ultimate Roofing Troubleshooter

Replacing your roof can cost an arm and a leg and hence most homeowners rarely budget for a problem that involves thousands of dollars, but it is crucial to address any issue that arises overhead.

A Guide to Roofing Your House: Pros and Cons of Tile Roofing

Generally, tiled roofs add a fantastic aesthetic look to any property. They are also durable not forgetting that they are heavy and quite expensive. But of course, that is expected of any building material that is sturdy enough to last for almost 100 years.

What Is A Building Estimator?

In simpler terms, a building estimator or building costs estimator mainly prepares the budgets for building or construction projects whether small or big. A building estimator can also be referred to as a quantity surveyor, construction economist, cost engineer or a surveyor (quantity).