Townsville Flooding Could Worsen With Heavy Rain And Dam Releases

Approximately 20,000 homes are on the verge of being completely swamped if the current heavy rains in northern Queensland continue, authorities warn. Steve Munroe, the Acting Chief Superintendent said their records show that about 500 homes in the area were prone to flooding.

What To Do When Hail Damages Your Roof

To reduce the extent of hail damage to your roof, it’s important that you take some safety precautions to keep peace of mind. Safeguarding your property is more about preparation. Now given that your roof is your home or place of business, without it you are exposing yourself to future damage and ongoing issues.

Can Solar Panels Withstand Queensland Hail Storms?

The potential impact of hail like that of which is present in Brisbane and South East Queensland is tested once the panels have been subjected to aforementioned conditions. Ice balls (ordinarily ranging from 25mm in diameter to golf ball sized ice balls of 45mm diameter) are hurled at velocities ranging from 82.8-100.52km/h aimed at impacting 11 specific areas on the solar panel.