Do You Know How To File An Insurance Claim? Here Is A Step By Step!

roofs of those residing along the path of such strong storms can still withstand the wind and hail damage.

Risks That Come Along with Choosing the Cheapest Roofing Quote

But the biggest reason why people fall victims to poor roofing workmanship and low-quality materials is because majority of homeowners settle for the cheapest quote on the market and hope for the best.

What Can You Do When Hailstorms Damage Your Roof?

Hail is considered one of the most damaging and costly weather elements. For example, hailstorms that fell upon Sydney suburbs in April 1999 are still on record as one of the most costly natural disasters that have ever happened in Australia resulting in a whopping $4.3 billion in damages.

How To Ensure an Accurate Quote for Your Roof Restoration

Are you looking to breathe a new lease of life into your roof? Well, kudos! Roof restoration is not an undertaking that many homeowners get all excited about; but it’s better than buying a new roof.

Have You Ignored Rooftop Hail Damage to Your Home?

If you suspect a storm or hail damage on your roof, get a professional to inspect it. Storm Assist offers free hail damage inspections and any other assistance needed before, during and after a storm.