Video: El Niño And La Niña? Everything You Should Know!

The ENSO cycle is a term that refers to the fluctuations between oceanic temperatures and atmospheric temperatures within the east-central Equatorial Pacific (ranging between 120 degrees West and the International Date Line).

Video: 8 Simple Things You Can Do Now To Prepare For A Storm

Below are 8 simple steps to take now to prepare your home or property and minimise potential damage during a dangerous storm.

Video: Working From Home Could Be A Disaster For Aus Electricity Grid

According to a new study by Roy Morgan Company, over 4.3 million Aussies in employment are working from home as employers continue taking measures against Covid-19 including social distancing.

Video: Be Prepared For Queensland Storms And Cyclones?

Despite being a Sunshine State, it’s not always bright with blue skies. There are times when nature dictates conditions and rain and storms show up. As such, we have prepared some helpful tips to get you prepared effectively for future storms and cyclones in Queensland.

Video: What You Need To Know About Insuring Your First Home!

Keep in mind that the cost for purchasing or building your home will not be the same as that for rebuilding it in case of an eventuality. The real value of a home is in the land it sits on, yet your building insurance will only cover the cost of labour and purchasing raw materials needed to completely rebuild the home in case of a total disaster.  

Video: Protecting Your Home From Termites

Any substance that contains cellulose makes a perfect meal for termites. Wallpaper, drywall, clothing and carpets can be vulnerable to damage by termites that infest them.

Video: Preparing Your Farm And Crop For A Hailstorm!

For most Australian farmers today, the sight of hail brings about worry especially during the warmer months when thunderstorms are prevalent, yet majority of them make no effort to include hail in their farm risk management plans.

Video: 5 Big Housing System Flaws To Be Fixed

The coronavirus pandemic has redefined our way of life—shut people at home to stay safe and any homeless person is believed to be posing the risk of passing on the virus.

Video: What To Do After Extreme Storms and Floods

Storm Assist has liaised with rescue services such as the SES and Australian Red Cross to provide some valuable, practical tips to help you through the recovery process as fast and effectively as possible.

Video: Invisible Hazard Around Your Home

Sub-standard electrical cable is a ticking time bomb for innocent households. On top of the list is a product known as