South East Communities Ravaged By ‘Intense’ Flash Flooding

Waters in the Coomera River nearby the Gold Coast are surging and rapidly rising; leaving many worried about how much of their properties would be submerged.

BOM Warns More Wild Weather To Come As Tropical Cloud Band Collides

Very dangerous weather conditions continue to lash the areas ravaged by floods as another 50mm to 100mm is forecast in the already soggy catchment areas on Monday.

Twin Weather Systems Colliding Could Be ‘Catastrophic’ For Flooded NSW

The Southern Coast of New South Wale is at the core of Tuesday’s crisis, where up to 150mm of rainfall is expected.

Month’s Rain In Three Hours As ‘Generational’ Big Wet Moves South

Continuous falls have swamped several roads and forced a school in the NSW Mid-north Coast to evacuate, as residents are urged to cancel their travel plans to the worst hit areas today.

Fresh Band Of Moisture Set To Bring ‘Huge’ Amounts Of Rain

Most areas in the east are awash with flash flooding alerts for various parts of central Queensland. Forecasters are warning that a second series of heavy downpours emanating from the west to east throughout the country might extend its deluge, causing heavier floods in the coming week.

Emergency Flood Warning As Storms Continue For QLD And NSW

An emergency warning is in place for the remote town of Sapphire in central Queensland where heavy downpours have led to rapid increases in the Retreat Creek as major floods are forecast.

‘Prolonged, Major Rain Event’ To Hit Much Of Australia

Forecasts show that more than the average monthly rainfall for March could be dumped on Sydney in the next eight days.

Mildura Weather Radar Replaced After Thirty Years

The $5 million radar for the Bureau of Meteorology has been installed 45 kilometres west at Cullulleraine and its coverage extends to the south and northern parts of the Murray and into SA’s Riverland—an area that has previously been off radar coverage.

Bureau Of Meteorology Predicts Wet And Wild Weather

Sydney has experienced a chilly start of the week after a southerly current arrived in town on Sunday ahead of the forecast week long of falls over the city.

Rare Australian Weather Worries Scientists: What To Know

According to climate scientists, we can expect a rapidly “growing risk” in future caused by Ningaloo Ninos considering that they can damage marine and coral species and bring hot air inland.