Mushrooms ‘Popping Up Out Of Control’ in Brisbane After Wet Weather

Mushrooms are common during the hot and wet conditions, and these are just a tip of the iceberg of the underlying fungal kingdom

Heatwaves: Helpful Tips To Make Sure You’re Prepared

Did you know that heatwaves cause the highest number of deaths than any other natural disaster like floods, bushfires and cyclones? Well, now you know.

La Niña Drives Cooler Temperatures, High Rainfall During Aus Summer

Australia experienced its soggiest summer in five years and its coolest in a span of nine years as La Niña shattered an eight-year hot stretch in the period 2020-21.

South East Queensland Storms Wreak Havoc On Homes

The State Emergency Service (SES) reported they had received call-outs to 134 houses on Tuesday night as the strong storm ravaged through the Greater Brisbane.

Tropical Cyclone Niran Upgraded To Category 2 As Winds And Rain Soak

The system has already dumped heavy showers throughout the region with Clump Point receiving 276mm and Davies Reef recording 227mm in just 24 hours.

Bushfire Danger Ratings: Everything You Need To Know!

The ratings are normally provided the afternoon before the expected weather condition, though you should always keep an eye on the situation just in case the ratings change.

Your Mobile Phone Could Help Save A Life. Here’s How!

Smartphone owners have been asked to download apps and set up their phones for emergencies, Ms Goodall advised.

Tropical Cyclone Predicted To Form Throughout The Day

The system is set to evolve into tropical cyclone strength on Tuesday and will be named Niran.

Plan For An Emergency: Storms And Storm Season

Storms can be catastrophic with widespread damage but on the other hand, they can deliver the much-needed relief especially at the end of a hot, summer day.

Cyclones: What You Should Do If Disaster Threatens

The official cyclone season in Australia lasts from November to April.