What Christmas Day’s Weather Looks Like Where You Live

Early forecasts seen by stormassist.com.au indicate that Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart, Brisbane and Darwin will be mostly cloudy with rainfall, as storms are forecast in some cities.

Northern NSW Hit by Wild Weather as Winds And Flash Flooding

The coastline has been hit by gale-force winds accompanied by strangely high tides. The NSW State Emergency Service (SES) reported that they had received around 1,000 distress calls in the last few days.

NSW Residents To Prepare For Days Of Torrential Rain And Floods

The super storms and wet weather conditions are set to linger on till Wednesday morning, with huge swells gulping up beaches including the popular Main Beach on Byron Bay.

Byron Bay’s Famous Beach Has Almost Disappeared

The area has been severely battered by heavy rainfall and strong winds with the high tides causing severe coastal erosion.

Bad Weather Setback For Life Beyond Earth – What Does This Mean?

Astronomers recently discovered two rocky planets that were orbiting the Proxima Centauri—a red, dwarf star considered the closest star to the sun.

Australia’s Weather For 2020 Country Records Fifth Warmest Year

January set the momentum for subsequent months when catastrophic bushfires ravaged through Victoria and NSW, being fueled by extreme heat experienced in eastern Australia at the start of the year.

Australia’s Weird Weather And Climate Baffling Scientists

Instead, last month went down into records as the hottest November Australia has ever experienced. Elsewhere, a climate body has declared November 2020 as the hottest ever month globally while the United Nations predicts that 2020 will rank among the top three warmest months on record.

Relief On Fraser Island At Last, La Niña Brings Heavy Rain

Queensland has returned a large air tanker borrowed from the New South Wales Rural Fire Service (NSWRFS) to support efforts geared towards combating the blaze which had burned for more than six weeks.

BOM Predicts Deluge As Three Low Pressure Systems Bring Rain

Rainfall ranging between 30-50mm is expected in the state’s central and northern areas during the week, but Perth will likely to receive zero millimeters of rain.  

What Is La Niña And How Does It Impact Australia?

La Niña happens when the equatorial trade winds grow stronger, churning ocean surface currents and bringing cooler deep water up from below.