Storms And Golf Ball-sized Hail Hit Queensland – While Snow Falls In NSW

Most of the buildings plunged into darkness were mostly in the Moreton Bay and the Sunshine Coast regions.

Power Outages Peak Near 26,000 After Severe Storms Hit SEQ

By 3.30pm, the ferocious system had tracked through Caboolture and Redcliffe and into Moreton Bay, with a fresh system in Kilcoy’s west following closely. Another storm system is destined to strike Pitsworth in southwest of Toowoomba by 4.20pm.

Horsham Hit By ‘Fierce’ Tornado After Huge Storm Hits Victoria

Numerous homes in the area were seriously damaged by the tornado carrying wind gusts with speeds of between 138 and 177km/h.

Trees down An Power Out As Queensland Lashed With Storms

The towns of Woodford and D’Aguilar situated within the Moreton Bay area are some of the worst hit regions so far, with large hailstones damaging homes, properties and trees and branches.

China Announces Expansion To Weather Modification Program

The State Council of China revealed breakthroughs achieved in their research and latest technologies which give the country the leeway to “a developed weather modification system” by 2025.

Northmead Fire Under Investigation As RFS Flags Hot Weather And Fires

According to the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS), 54 bushfires ravaged through the state, causing a severe two-day heatwave which led to unprecedented temperatures in November.

Records Set To Tumble As Heatwave Continues Across Queensland

The sweltering conditions will linger on in Queensland throughout the week. Clear skies and a dormant air mass will cause very hot conditions set to prevail for many days in southern Queensland.  

First Tropical Cyclone Of The Season Brewing Over Coco Islands

When the system hits tropical cyclone strength, it will become the first tropical cyclone of the 2020/21 season, acquiring the name Imogen.

‘Dangerous’ Weekend Heatwave To Bring Sweltering Heat To Sydney

Saturday night is set to smash existing records for the warmest November evening as the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) appealed to people to closely watch for any signs of heat stress and look out for the elderly and neighbours.

Storm Safety – Everything You Need To Know!

When a severe storm hits, stay indoors and away from windows or other openings. Move to the strongest and safest part of the house, in most cases the cellar or bathroom. If the storm finds you outdoors, run to any emergency shelter and never shelter under a tree.