With The Humid Weather And Rain Come The Bugs And The Weeds

From buffel, couch, mosman burr, khaki weed, three-corner jacks, Mexican poppy (common in river sand), ruby dock, wild, turnip, fleabane, prickly lettuce to fountain grass, you can expect many more weed grasses and annual plants this season.

ICA Declares Catastrophe For Devastating Perth Bushfire

The flames, which raged on near the Western Australia’s capital, has since destroyed 81 homes, sheds and thousands of kilometres of farm fences, compelling hundreds of people to seek shelter at evacuation centres despite the strict COVID-19 lockdown in Perth.

Flooding Emergency Hits Parts Of Western Australia

Various parts of the region also recorded more downpours during the day than the total rainfall amount received last year. With this, the township of Carnarvon is set to carry an expensive and extensive recovery exercise.

Severe Weather Warning Cancelled For South-west WA

The heavy rains flooded the Gascoyne River to a maximum of 7.07 metres at around 8:15pm on Saturday, coming short of the unprecedented 2010 floods that swelled the river to about 7.7 metres.

Four Lows Surrounding Australia Forecast To Bring Heavy Rain

The combined effect of these four low-pressure systems is rainfall in various parts of the state and territory for the remaining part of the week through to early next week.

Winds Challenge Crews Fighting Fire Near Perth, Australia

The wildfires are burning near the community of Wooroloo, approximately 30 miles on the outer parts of Perth near the western coast of Australia. Waters told stormassist.com.au that at least 71 homes had so far been damaged and more than 37 square miles of land torched.

Number Of Homes Destroyed Grows As Weather Conditions Test Fireys

To date, the dangerous and out-of-control bushfire has blazed through over 9000 hectares of land and destroyed several hills communities.

Are Solar Panel Fires On The Rise And, If So, What Can We Do About It?

Nearly one in four Australian households has a rooftop solar panel. However, the number of fire and emergency incidents relating to solar panels has increased drastically.

BOM Says Weather Unlikely To Bring Relief For Western Australia Blaze

Approximately 30 homes have been lost or damaged and an emergency warning has been issued for several parts including the Northan, shires of Mundaring, Chitteing and the City of Swan.

Huntsmans Home Invasion Triggered By Weather Spider Expert Says

The following night, he came home to find hundreds of small huntsmans spiders on his bedroom ceiling.