Storm Dumps Huge Amounts Of Rain On South-east Queensland

According to the weather Bureau’s forecaster Matt Marshall, the system was huge but slow moving, meaning it increased the possibility of flash flooding as it crossed over the region.

WA Communities Urged To Organise Emergency Kits Amid Cyclone Fears

Residents of and near communities between Giralia and De Grey, and those in Karratha, Port Hedland, Onslow and Dampier have been asked to prepare emergency kits that should include food, water, first aid supplies, portable radio, a torch, and spare batteries.

Warnings For Storms And Flash Flooding In Three States

Heavy showers capable of causing flash flooding are expected to continue in Cape York Peninsula over the central regions of the Peninsula district.

Video: Working From Home Could Be A Disaster For Aus Electricity Grid

According to a new study by Roy Morgan Company, over 4.3 million Aussies in employment are working from home as employers continue taking measures against Covid-19 including social distancing.

Severe Weather Warning As Cyclone Develops Off Queensland Coast

As the system forms, heavy showers are forecast for the western parts of Cape York Peninsula for the rest of the week with possible 150 to 200mm expected each day for several days.

Australia May Take Massive Economic Hit From Climate-fuelled Weather

he Climate Council noted that the effects of floods, fires, storms, droughts and sea level rise relating to climate change could increase into the future, possibly costing Australia’s economy up to $100 billion each year by 2038.

Ice From Above: Toward A Better Understanding Of Hailstorms

With their formation beginning with some tiny frozen embryos present in thunderstorm, hailstones can grow to at least 10 centimeters in diameter in just a few minutes, before dropping to the ground and damaging crops, vehicles and property.

Video: Be Prepared For Queensland Storms And Cyclones?

Despite being a Sunshine State, it’s not always bright with blue skies. There are times when nature dictates conditions and rain and storms show up. As such, we have prepared some helpful tips to get you prepared effectively for future storms and cyclones in Queensland.

Video: What You Need To Know About Insuring Your First Home!

Keep in mind that the cost for purchasing or building your home will not be the same as that for rebuilding it in case of an eventuality. The real value of a home is in the land it sits on, yet your building insurance will only cover the cost of labour and purchasing raw materials needed to completely rebuild the home in case of a total disaster.  

Cyclone Lucas: WA’s Pilbara, Kimberley Regions Brace For Wild Weather

It’s predicted that the system will affect a wide area spanning Beagle Bay to Whim Creek and south of Port Hedland, Broome’s northern parts before extending inland to hit Telfer situated East of Pilbara.