Who Should Pick Up The Tab Of Climate Change Costs In North QLD?

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QBE Boosts Funds For Catastrophic Weather Claims

QBE recently announced plans to set aside an additional US$685 million (around AU$888 million) for claims relating to catastrophic weather events in 2021 after surpassing its US$550 million cap in 2020 due to the severe bushfires and the unprecedented hurricane season in Australia’s northern hemisphere.

Fiji Surveys Damage From Cyclone Yasa, One Of The Strongest Recorded

The category five storm systems ravaged through the northern island of Vanua Levu with wind gusts moving at speeds of 345km/h.

Firefighters Stranded In NSW Floodwaters Amid Dash To Hospital

The forecast severe thunderstorms are expected to deliver heavy falls that could cause flash flooding in parts spanning Canberra to Walgett in the northern NSW.

Severe Weather Warning Issued For Sydney As Heavy Rain Continues

Apparently, a pipe beneath the pathway collapsed due to the weight exerted by the sodden soil.

Landslide Leaves Trail Of Destruction In Gold Coast Hinterland

Severe thunderstorms also caused damage in southeast Queensland, as rooftops got ripped off and thrown miles away as thousands of residents went without electricity.

‘Largest Coastal Erosion In Years’: Wild Weather In Northern NSW

Extreme weather being experienced in parts of the southeast Queensland and the northern NSW coast will intensify as heavy rainfall and strong winds linger on throughout the night.

What Christmas Day’s Weather Looks Like Where You Live

Early forecasts seen by stormassist.com.au indicate that Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart, Brisbane and Darwin will be mostly cloudy with rainfall, as storms are forecast in some cities.

Northern NSW Hit by Wild Weather as Winds And Flash Flooding

The coastline has been hit by gale-force winds accompanied by strangely high tides. The NSW State Emergency Service (SES) reported that they had received around 1,000 distress calls in the last few days.

NSW Residents To Prepare For Days Of Torrential Rain And Floods

The super storms and wet weather conditions are set to linger on till Wednesday morning, with huge swells gulping up beaches including the popular Main Beach on Byron Bay.