Severe Weather Warning As ‘Multi-state Thunderstorm Outbreak’ Set To Hit

The developing system forecast to intensify on Friday and Saturday, is set to affect Queensland, north-east Victoria and New South Wales.

Video: Can You Claim Roof Repairs On Your Insurance?

Filing insurance claims for roof repairs can come with a lot of uncertainty for business and home owners whose properties are affected by roof damage.

Catastrophic Fire Danger In WA As Melbourne’s Wet Year Continues

A trough passing over eastern inland is causing storms some of which are intense, all across western Queensland as well as odd showers in New South West’s inland.

BOM Severe Weather Outlook Signals Wet Summer Ahead

Since La Niña’s announcement a fortnight ago, widespread showers have been recorded and it seems we have to start getting used to flooding, as suggested in the BOM’s October—April outlook.  

Shacks and Houses Cut Off At Orford’s After Heavy Rain

The Rheben Road Bridge which was under construction was washed off at its abutments. This means nearly 400 homes and sharks at Spring Beach have been cut off by road

Victoria Weather Warning For Heavy Rainfall And Possible Flash Flooding

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has issued a warning that the expected showers could cause flash flooding in the state’s central and western parts on Wednesday and within the northeast ranges on Thursday morning.

The Huge Weather Change Coming This Summer – La Nina Declared

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has officially confirmed today that the ENSO cooling phase popularly known as the La Nina is now active. The BOM declared the last La Nina event in 2010.

La Niña Forms In Pacific Ocean, Dangerous Rain, Cyclones in Australia

La Niña is a phenomenon in the atmosphere that’s triggered by strong winds over the oceanic waters around the equator like the Pacific Ocean that stirs up frosty waters thereby causing sharp shifts during on-land weather conditions.

Why Working From Home Could Be A Disaster For Aus Electricity Grid

According to a new study by Roy Morgan Company, over 4.3 million Aussies in employment are working from home as employers continue taking measures against Covid-19 including social distancing.

8 Simple Things You Can Do Now To Prepare For A Storm

List the things you may need in case of an emergency and place them in an emergency kit kept in a strong, waterproofed container placed in an easy to access spot. The kit should include essential medications and prescriptions, emergency plans and valuable documents.