Generators are effective in providing continuous electricity to power residential, commercial and industrial sector applications.

As a full service consultancy company in Australia, Storm Assist is reliable and makes access to great deals on the latest electric generator brands as easy as ABCD….We focus on 100% customer satisfaction with a guarantee for quality.

Boasting over 20 years of experience and 24/7 365 days customer service, Storm Assist partners with leading manufacturers in order to provide quotes for safe, state-of-the-art and powerful generators that deliver high efficiency with low fuel consumption.

With an in-house team of well trained consultants, Storm Assist provide a variety of value-added energy solutions including pre purchase advice and after-sales technical assistance to your convenience.

Our sales experts are a guarantee of competence and expertise. They are at your disposal every step of the process and offer useful support in choosing a product that fully meets your application and maintenance needs.

Thanks to our innovative solutions, we avail a wide range of brands from the world’s best manufacturers including Honda, Yamaha, Deutz, Briggs & Stratton, Dunlite, Yanmar and Crommelins, Perkins, Kubota and Cummins Generators among others.

Premium Quality Generators in Australia

Storm Assist Specialises in providing consultancy support to Contractors who provide storm damage remediation and restoration services including energy solutions like electric generators, solar panels and lighting, helping thousands of customers across Australia to meet their energy demands.

Our team are committed to ensuring prompt response when our clients reach out to us. Whether you need a generator to keep your home or business up and running during a power outage or want to cut the rising utility bills, we ensure genuine, superior quality generators that are reliable in any eventuality.

From portable generators, inverter generators to quietest generators that are more affordable, easy to use and fully approved in Australia, schedule a visit from Storm Assist. Our experienced sales pros will help you find generators at competitive prices without compromised product quality.

Why Choose Us?

From welder generators, industrial electric generators, tractor coupling, special transporters to generators for lighting towers, Storm Assist has got you covered.

Safety is one of our bedrock and the main reason why you should choose us. Storm Assist has you at heart and hence all generators supplied to our esteemed customers are duly tested before a sale to ensure they are ideal for the intended electrical or mechanical performance.

We also ensure that the generators are standard and well-customised to meet any production demand whether specific or complex. With their advanced technologies, our generators provide enhanced functionality, efficiency and technical quality.

The technical in-house team at Storm Assist consists of expert technicians that provide technical training to clients on how to operate and maintain their generators. Other end-users and contractors can also request training.

In the wake of hailstorms and blackouts, you need the right kind of energy. Have a solar panels or generator need that you wish to source? If you wish to consult on our contractors’ generators, contact us to provide you with all the information you need.

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Storm Tracker

Is your home or business threatened by catastrophic weather events? Don’t get caught out in the storm when you can get help and up-to-date forecasts from Storm Assist – your number one storm tracker.

As one of the leading Sales, Marketing and Business support providers to Contractors who provide storm damage remediation and restoration services in Australia; we guide you into the world of storm tracking devices that guarantee functionality and easy access to mapping information and providing up-to-the-minute news.

From weather damage claims, storm protection services, energy, assessments to weather services, we offer necessary protection, advice and assistance so you will always be up-to-date with the latest and most trusted information about impending storms.

As a trustworthy resource for forecasting and mapping out impending storm movement in Australia, we provide estimations and reliable weather information to help with your basic risk awareness as well as a guide for decision making in the wake of a threatening storm.

Storm Assist is constantly monitoring satellite imagery and storm radars across the country to detect thunderstorms and extreme weather events. 

Severe Thunderstorm Warnings Will Be Issued If The Following Is Expected:

  • Damaging wind gusts (90 km/h or more)
  • Large hail (2cm diameter or more)
  • Very heavy rainfall (conducive to flash flooding)
  • Cyclones 

Note: All thunderstorms generally produce lightning, and many produce gusty winds, brief heavy showers and hail.

Storm Assist endeavours to work closely with trusted weather monitoring sites, like the Bureau of Meteorology, to ensure that our valued customers are alert, informed and supported throughout weather events of all shapes and sizes.

The information contained in this article is of a general nature only. It does not take your specific needs, objectives or circumstances into consideration, and is not financial advice, legal advice or otherwise a recommendation to purchase any financial product or insurance policy. You should seek your own independent financial advice from a qualified financial and insurance adviser before making any financial decisions, and seek your own independent legal advice from a qualified solicitor before making any decisions of a legal nature.


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