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Storm Assist is your “go-to” adviser when you’re looking for the best home or real estate property in Australia—at the best price.

It’s a fantastic time to buy or build a house or home in Australia’s vibrant suburbs—we are the experts to rely on when you want to make the best investment decision.

Storm Assist is a team of consultants with expertise, and your family at heart. As a full service consultant that offers real estate and construction services across Australia, Storm Assist has been using value-driven results to establish lasting relationships with clients for decades.

Our unrivalled expertise, 100% customer satisfaction and hands-on approach have enabled us to provide valuable advice and unique opportunities to deliver greater returns to our clients.

Are you looking to build a fancy house anytime soon? Why not build one with durable solutions to make it last a lifetime?

As one of the leading property consultants in Australia, Storm Assist provides a complete home and house investment solution well-optimised to deliver profitable, reliable and affordable investments.

With our in-house team of successful engineers, we help you to indicatively complete your desired house for less. If you need style and luxury in an unbeatable location, trust our consultants to help you discover an exclusive and exquisite lifestyle.

When you trust us with your treasured house or home project, we ensure compromised attention to detail and excellent workmanship from start to finish. We also work hard to ensure your property integrates a perfect composition, distinct style and unmatched functionality.

Is your new home or house in your dream location but with a design that isn’t just right for you and your pets? Well, our consultants can help you knock it down and rebuild your most ideal home.

We are with you every step of the way….

If you’re anywhere in Australia and planning to settle, move or invest and are looking for a trustworthy and reliable property consultant to take you home, you’ve come to the right page.

When you need a nice place to call home, call us—Storm Assist! We are more than excited to assist you in finding your dream property.

We understand you need to be well informed when making a serious investment decision like buying or building a home. That’s the reason we walk with you every step of the way.

So whether you’re looking to buy an existing home or building plus land, choosing Storm Assist to help with your property investment decisions is the best decision you’ll ever make.

Our main aim is to keep you informed and make you confident regardless of whether you’re a novice homeowner or an expert real estate investor.

Are you looking for the best bargains in the market? Be the first to hear about the latest offers and news from Storm Assist. Contact us today Toll Free on 1800 STORMS to speak to a consultant.

Storm Tracker

Is your home or business threatened by catastrophic weather events? Don’t get caught out in the storm when you can get help and up-to-date forecasts from Storm Assist – your number one storm tracker.

As one of the leading Sales, Marketing and Business support providers to Contractors who provide storm damage remediation and restoration services in Australia; we guide you into the world of storm tracking devices that guarantee functionality and easy access to mapping information and providing up-to-the-minute news.

From insurance, storm protection services, energy, assessments to weather services, we offer necessary protection, advice and assistance so you will always be up-to-date with the latest and most trusted information about impending storms.

As a trustworthy resource for forecasting and mapping out impending storm movement in Australia, we provide estimations and reliable weather information to help with your basic risk awareness as well as a guide for decision making in the wake of a threatening storm.

Storm Assist is constantly monitoring satellite imagery and storm radars across the country to detect thunderstorms and extreme weather events. 

Severe Thunderstorm Warnings Will Be Issued If The Following Is Expected:

  • Damaging wind gusts (90 km/h or more)
  • Large hail (2cm diameter or more)
  • Very heavy rainfall (conducive to flash flooding)
  • Cyclones 

Note: All thunderstorms generally produce lightning, and many produce gusty winds, brief heavy showers and hail.

Storm Assist endeavours to work closely with trusted weather monitoring sites, like the Bureau of Meteorology, to ensure that our valued customers are alert, informed and supported throughout weather events of all shapes and sizes.


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