Before we had access to things like radars, maps, satellites and sophisticated computer matrix that allow us to forecast the exact time, intensity and placement of thunderstorms, cyclones, tornadoes and more, predictions were based on guesswork and less of scientific proof.

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) has been a reliable resource for warnings of impending wild, hazardous or detrimental weather carrying the potential for widespread disruption or even loss of lives.

When bad weather strikes—snow, heavy rainfall, fog, strong winds, hail, flash floods or severe storms, we all know what happens—deadly destruction all around.

Weather warnings are often specific in targeting location, allowing the people of that area to prepare and react in a reasonable way. Weather warnings provide possible impacts and appropriate calls to action that have advised people on how to respond when a threatening weather event is on its way.

What Can We Do?

When you’re looking for accurate, up to the minute weather updates, you need a reliable source—Storm Assist. We are dependable and provide crucial information about possible severe weather.

We are your local severe weather watch that brings you the latest information in the palm of your hand. We provide a wide range of weather forecasts, warnings and guidance based on quality computer models run by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BoM).

Storm Assist provides fresh stories related to breaking weather events near you. Dedicated to innovation, coupled with trustworthy information sources, we ensure our clients get the most accurate and reliable information under any service offered at Storm Assist.

We boast advanced warning systems that helps to provide the public and rescue or emergency teams with customised quality controlled forecasting in real-time and in a way that meets their every need.

From videos, news stories to television scripts, our weather warnings are focused on letting people, businesses and emergency respondents know about the weather events to expect and their potential impacts.

Our weather warnings service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so you can receive warnings anytime of the day or night.

How To Act On Weather Alert Notifications

Before storms, floods, strong winds, cyclones, hail and other extreme weather events raced through Australia and hammered its residents, BoM issued warnings but experts say that, “most people never used to heed the warnings but instead wait to watch the spectacles of the towering waves”.

For your own good, it is important you never ignore a weather warning. It’s better to prepare than be sorry. In case of impending severe weather, acting promptly is one of the ways you can stay safe and minimise the impact.

Here Are A Few Tips To Help You Protect Yourself: 

  • BE WEATHER READY: Listen to local news or weather updates from the radio and Storm Assist to stay abreast with the latest including weather watches and warnings.
  • IN YOUR CAR: Staying in your car during stormy weather is safer than being in the open. However, it’s advisable that you drive to the nearest secure spot if you have the time to do so.
  • AT YOUR HOUSE: Get to your home as fast as possible and stay at the safest spot in the event of a damaging storm or large hail warnings. If time allows, take your pets and valuable documents with you.
  • OUTDOORS: Avoid going into sheds or storage areas during severe thunderstorms. Taking cover under a tree is also disastrous. The tree could fall on you or you could be struck by lightning.
  • AT SCHOOL OR WORKPLACE: During severe weather warnings, stay away from windows. Also avoid large open areas like auditoriums, cafeterias or gymnasiums.

Is your home or business threatened by catastrophic weather events? Don’t get caught out in the storm when you can get help and up-to-date forecasts from Storm Assist – your number one storm tracker.

As one of the leading Sales, Marketing and Business support providers to Contractors who provide storm damage remediation and restoration services in Australia; we guide you into the world of storm tracking devices that guarantee functionality and easy access to mapping information and providing up-to-the-minute news.

From insurance, storm protection services, energy, assessments to weather services, we offer necessary protection, advice and assistance so you will always be up-to-date with the latest and most trusted information about impending storms.

As a trustworthy resource for forecasting and mapping out impending storm movement in Australia, we provide estimations and reliable weather information to help with your basic risk awareness as well as a guide for decision making in the wake of a threatening storm.

Storm Assist is constantly monitoring satellite imagery and storm radars across the country to detect thunderstorms and extreme weather events. 

Severe Thunderstorm Warnings Will Be Issued If The Following Is Expected:

  • Damaging wind gusts (90 km/h or more)
  • Large hail (2cm diameter or more)
  • Very heavy rainfall (conducive to flash flooding)
  • Cyclones 

Note: All thunderstorms generally produce lightning, and many produce gusty winds, brief heavy showers and hail.

Storm Assist endeavours to work closely with trusted weather monitoring sites, like the Bureau of Meteorology, to ensure that our valued customers are alert, informed and supported throughout weather events of all shapes and sizes.

If you’re not sure of what the weather forecast is in your local community, don’t fret, we’ve got you covered with real-time solutions of unmatched accuracy for detailed storm mapping, prediction and impacts in Australia.

There’s a reason why thousands of Australians including emergency service providers trust Storm Assist. With up-to-date forecasts and timely weather warnings, we help you to know sooner so you can act faster.

Need emergency services during a storm? How about other weather services like weather warnings and protection against storm damage? Talk to our experienced consultants today for assistance.

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