Severe Heatwave Could Break Record Temperatures In The Top End

After a really sweaty weekend with the sweltering temperatures hitting over 40 degrees Celsius in several parts of the Top End, it seems there’s no forthcoming relief in sight or signs of an impending wet season storms.

What El Nino And La Nina Actually Mean For Australia

Similarly, disturbances happening in one part of planet earth’s atmosphere will be felt in another region.

Rare ‘Atmospheric Rivers’ Occur In Australian Skies

Australia has in recent years bore the brunt of the costly effects of climate change as the country continues to get battered by extreme weather events including heatwaves, floods, heavy storms, rising temperatures and prolonged drought, all of which have increased the risks of disease, damage, injury and even death.

Plan To Tackle Recession And Climate Change Could Create 76,000 Jobs

Almost 80,000 jobs are set to be created through a new stimulus plan aimed at rescue the country’s economy from current recession caused by the effects of Covid-19 while helping tackle the climate crisis; this is according to an analysis recently commissioned by the Climate Council.

Is Coronavirus A Turning Point In Climate Investment?

During the event, the CCRI noted that new investment decisions will fall under one of two emerging realities; may be for decades—either a worldwide network of climate resilient infrastructure or a pool of exposed assets poised to make economic and social activities vulnerable to client risk.

Cost Of Extreme Weather Due To Climate Change Is Underestimated

If the role played by climate change in extreme weather events can be quantified, then the cost of related disaster can also be determined, hence we can place a financial figure on the component of climate change of these costs.

According To Researchers Global Warming Is Making Cyclones Stronger

Cyclones have turned into monsters across the world in the last four decades, the analysis of observational data has revealed, backing what both theory and computer models suggested long ago: climate change is causing emerging storms to be more intense and highly destructive.

QBE Shareholders Reject Fossil Fuel Action Demand, Again

For a climate resolution to be made at the AGM, a special resolution must first be approved by existing shareholders seeking to alter the company’s constitution. Nearly 87% of votes cast by members were opposed to the proposal to amend the constitution.

Australia’s Latest Bushfire Season Could Be The New Norm

By January 2020, more than 1.25 billion animals had died in the 2019-2020 Australian bushfires that also killed at least 34 people and destroyed thousands of homes. Economists have estimated property loss from the bushfires at about $A3.5 billion ($2.4 billion USD), a situation that could compel banks to cut their economic growth projections.

Does Your Insurance Cover Your House For Storm Damage?

not all insurance policies cover damage or loss caused by a flood, storm surge or sea activities.This is why it is important to understand the details of your Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) so you are sure what your insurer has covered or not covered.