BOM Says Weather Unlikely To Bring Relief For Western Australia Blaze

Approximately 30 homes have been lost or damaged and an emergency warning has been issued for several parts including the Northan, shires of Mundaring, Chitteing and the City of Swan.

Record Ocean Heat In 2020 Supercharged Extreme Weather

Over 90 percent of the heat trapped in carbon emissions ends up being absorbed by oceans, making their warmth a clear indication of the intensifying weather crisis.

Weather Study Suggests Dry Air Could Aid The Spread Of COVID

According to a new study, an inverse relationship exists between humidity and reported Covid-19 cases in Sydney, both as the number of Covid-19 cases increased and declined, showing that dry air aids the spread of the novice virus.

Commonwealth Bank Invests $500,000 into Fire-Damaged NSW

Australia’s biggest bank is set to pump $500,000 to south coast communities in NSW that were severely affected by the Black Summer wild bushfires.

Video: 5 Big Housing System Flaws To Be Fixed

The coronavirus pandemic has redefined our way of life—shut people at home to stay safe and any homeless person is believed to be posing the risk of passing on the virus.

Trump Admin Tells Insurers They Don’t Have To Cover Covid-19 Tests

As it it, the Trump administration believes that insurance company gains are more important than the lives of the hardworking nursing home workers and residents.

Insurers Deny Business Insurance Claims As Battle Begins

The insurance claims are projected to be in excess of $1 billion, as reported by an industry insider.

Will There Be A Spike In Coronavirus Cases Over Winter?

We all know what winter days are synonymous with a few things—runny noses, heavy jumpers and rounds of hot coffee, but then a fresh concern is emerging over Australia’s low level yet continuous community transmission of the coronavirus.

Pandemic And Mother Nature Push Industry Into $997 Million Loss

Claims filed by clients affected by bushfires and dangerous storm events resulted in underwriting losses of $991 million in the three months period ending March, a huge shift from the $587 million in underwriting profits realised the previous quarter.

Queensland Government Boosts Cyclone Resilience Funding

Surprisingly, one of the coronavirus outcomes has been a significant increase in clients contacting their insurance companies; and all for good reasons and Queensland has taken note.