Extreme Weather Event Could Bring Rain, Hail And Snow To SE Australia

A cut-off low is capable of causing a dynamic blend of wild weather featuring heavy rainfall, destructive winds, severe thunderstorms, hail, snow and dangerous surf.

The Cold Weather Doesn’t Mean Climate Change Isn’t Happening

The last 10 years have been the warmest decade on record, with 2020 ranking among the warmest years.

Australia May Take Massive Economic Hit From Climate-fuelled Weather

he Climate Council noted that the effects of floods, fires, storms, droughts and sea level rise relating to climate change could increase into the future, possibly costing Australia’s economy up to $100 billion each year by 2038.

Landslide Leaves Trail Of Destruction In Gold Coast Hinterland

Severe thunderstorms also caused damage in southeast Queensland, as rooftops got ripped off and thrown miles away as thousands of residents went without electricity.

‘Largest Coastal Erosion In Years’: Wild Weather In Northern NSW

Extreme weather being experienced in parts of the southeast Queensland and the northern NSW coast will intensify as heavy rainfall and strong winds linger on throughout the night.

Storm Safety – Everything You Need To Know!

When a severe storm hits, stay indoors and away from windows or other openings. Move to the strongest and safest part of the house, in most cases the cellar or bathroom. If the storm finds you outdoors, run to any emergency shelter and never shelter under a tree.

Weather Forecasts Update As Businesses Deal With Climate Catastrophes

The company, which earlier this year graduated from Y Combinator, has in recent months raised a whopping $2 million from Sound Ventures and Signia Venture Partners for its predictive software to businesses that need a reliable weatherman to accurately forecast which way the winds will blow.

BOM Weather Radar Shows Heatwave To Hit Eastern States After Rain And Storms

Queensland will be the most affected and residents are being warned of impending extreme weather with heavy storms, intense heatwave and high fire danger predicted.

Shacks and Houses Cut Off At Orford’s After Heavy Rain

The Rheben Road Bridge which was under construction was washed off at its abutments. This means nearly 400 homes and sharks at Spring Beach have been cut off by road

La Niña Forms In Pacific Ocean, Dangerous Rain, Cyclones in Australia

La Niña is a phenomenon in the atmosphere that’s triggered by strong winds over the oceanic waters around the equator like the Pacific Ocean that stirs up frosty waters thereby causing sharp shifts during on-land weather conditions.