Severe Weather Warning In Place For Parts Of Queensland

Fraser Island and some areas in the northern parts of Townsville bore the brunt of the rainfall overnight with the rain gauge recording above 120mm in various parts, though the system traveled off to the sea this morning.

Severe Weather Warning Cancelled For South-west WA

The heavy rains flooded the Gascoyne River to a maximum of 7.07 metres at around 8:15pm on Saturday, coming short of the unprecedented 2010 floods that swelled the river to about 7.7 metres.

Firefighters Stranded In NSW Floodwaters Amid Dash To Hospital

The forecast severe thunderstorms are expected to deliver heavy falls that could cause flash flooding in parts spanning Canberra to Walgett in the northern NSW.

NSW Residents To Prepare For Days Of Torrential Rain And Floods

The super storms and wet weather conditions are set to linger on till Wednesday morning, with huge swells gulping up beaches including the popular Main Beach on Byron Bay.

Could La Niña Cause A Crocodile Baby Boom? The Answer Is Yes!

According to the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM), the weather event is set to deliver more rainfall to Australia, generating perfect mating weather conditions for crocodiles.

BOM Severe Weather Outlook Signals Wet Summer Ahead

Since La Niña’s announcement a fortnight ago, widespread showers have been recorded and it seems we have to start getting used to flooding, as suggested in the BOM’s October—April outlook.  

Victoria Weather Warning For Heavy Rainfall And Possible Flash Flooding

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has issued a warning that the expected showers could cause flash flooding in the state’s central and western parts on Wednesday and within the northeast ranges on Thursday morning.

La Niña Forms In Pacific Ocean, Dangerous Rain, Cyclones in Australia

La Niña is a phenomenon in the atmosphere that’s triggered by strong winds over the oceanic waters around the equator like the Pacific Ocean that stirs up frosty waters thereby causing sharp shifts during on-land weather conditions.

Cold Snap For The Holidays And NSW First Fire Warning Of The Season

If your home or property bears significant damage such as flooding, ripped off roof or flooding, call the SES on 132 500.

BOM Declares La Nina Alert With 70 Per Cent Chance Of Forming In 2020

Well, Dr Benger noted that it was too early and quite challenging to predict and that the Bureau’s announcement does not guarantee that the Australian region will hit La Nina’s thresholds in this year.