Ice From Above: Toward A Better Understanding Of Hailstorms

With their formation beginning with some tiny frozen embryos present in thunderstorm, hailstones can grow to at least 10 centimeters in diameter in just a few minutes, before dropping to the ground and damaging crops, vehicles and property.

Catastrophe Declared In Queensland Over $50m Hail Damage

Very dangerous thunderstorms battered the southeastern parts of the state on Saturday, thrashing some areas with tennis ball-sized hailstones.

Queensland Braces For Another Downpour After City Records Wet October

Residents of northern NSW and southeast Queensland have been asked to expect another extreme weather day as conditions are forecast to be harsher than yesterday.

‘Very Dangerous Storms’ Could Be On The Way For Queensland

The BOM has asked residents to prepare their homes for possible damaging and potentially destructive wind gusts, as well as “large to giant hailstones and heavy to intense rains”.

Criterium du Dauphine Riders Scatter As Hailstorm Strikes

After the race came to a close, Tim Declercq a Deceuninck-QuickStep rider shared a photo of his seriously injured back with scary red welts of where the huge hailstones pelted him.

NSW Farmers Breathe Easy After Hail Falls ‘Softly’ On Best Crops In Years

In the past three years, Tullamore has received very little rainfall, but recent showers have given Mr Fitzgerald a reason for cautious optimism that the end of the prolonged drought could just be around the corner.

Video: Preparing Your Farm And Crop For A Hailstorm!

For most Australian farmers today, the sight of hail brings about worry especially during the warmer months when thunderstorms are prevalent, yet majority of them make no effort to include hail in their farm risk management plans.

Queensland Researcher Reveals Hailstorm Hotspots

Hailstorms are a natural phenomenon that continues to wreak havoc in most parts of Australia. Damage caused by hailstorms causes a lot of distress to households and businesses alike as it directly impacts their properties and financial status.

How Does Hail Damage A Roof? Here Is A Roof Inspection Checklist!

Well, the subtle signs of a hail-damaged roof such as broken corners on clay roof tiles or shingle granules within the roof gutters can go unnoticed. Then the subtle signs worsen with time, resulting in costly roof leakages needing repairs or urgent roof replacement.

Here Are 9 Hard Hitting Facts You Need To Know About Hail

When driving through a hailstorm, some people are fond of sheltering under a bridge, but that’s really a bad idea unless that’s the only option.