Tennis Ball Sized Hail causes Widespread Damage to Homes and Property

The supercell storm also left his solar panels on his packing shed smashed beyond repair.

The Dangerous Effects Of A Hailstorm And What You Should Know!

Australia’s East Coast regions covering Brisbane, the far North NSW, South East Queensland, Sydney and the Northern Rivers are more prone to severe weather which often causes power outage for thousands of households.

Protecting Your Roof From Potential Hail Damage: What You Should Know!

Hail, for instance, is a destructive weather event that results in losses amounting to billions of dollars every year. A forward thinking homeowner should anticipate possible threats of hail and put measures in place to mitigate any possible damage to your roof and home.

Do You Have A Hail Damaged Roof? Here Is A Checklist For You!

One of the common questions homeowners often ask our crew is, “Can pea-sized hailstones damage a roof?” The answer is yes. Even the tiniest hail impact can cause a roof leak or problems that compromise the ultimate safety and value of your roof.

Video: FAQ About Hail Storms

One of the theories states that the large amounts of ice and water in the updrafts of a heavy storm scatters green light, making clouds appear green in colour.

SEVERE WEATHER 101: All Your Questions Answered!

large hailstones often fall in regions that experience thunderstorms and where tornadoes are likely to occur

Here Is How You Can Protect Your Home From Hailstones

However, do not fear as Storm Assist is here! We have developed a list of preventative measures that you can take in order to help you protect your home.

Canberra Hail Storm: Increase In Insurance Workload

Canberra and parts of NSW and Victoria were smacked by heavy storms on Monday, leaving behind a trail of hail damage that has seen a spike in insurance claims

SEVERE STORM WARNING: Large Hailstones And Damaging Winds

SEVERE thunderstorm warning has been issued for southeast Queensland with large hailstones, damaging winds and heavy rain expected for majority of the region.

Melbourne Gets Smashed With Hail As French Island Blaze Continues

Parts of Melbourne have been smashed with golf ball sized hailstones after a thunderstorm has moved extremely fast across much of southern Victoria, accompanied by damaging winds and torrential rain, causing flash flooding.