How Did The Massive Hailstones In Southern Queensland Form?

South east Queensland got smashed by some of the largest hailstones that Australia has ever seen for the second time in the last month on Friday afternoon. The Sunshine Coast region has now been pummelled by large hailstones twice.

Chaos In Queensland: Extreme Thunderstorm Brings Baseball Sized Hail

Queensland has been struck with another massive thunderstorm on Friday afternoon, resulting in flash flooding, pulled down traffic lights and loss of power to more than 11,000 homes.

Severe Storm Hits Brisbane, Sunshine Coast And Wide Bay Regions

South Brisbane is hit with severe storm bringing heavy rain, leading to flash flooding in parts of the Gold Coast. Large hail is a possibility for some parts of the Sunshine Coast.

Severe Storm In Southeast Queensland Brings Relief for Bushfires

The severe storm cells were first detected on the radar for Sunday afternoon in the Somerset and South Burnett region and continued to hit many centres throughout the evening.

Sydney Struck With Thunderstorm In A Hot And Stormy Week

It’s reported that “more than 110 fires” were ignited and are burning fiercelyacross the state, most of which was triggered by lighting and the recent thunderstorms.

Hailstorm Rips Through Riverland Crops, Causing Significant Damage

The South Australian Riverland in particular has been hit by extreme rains, wind and hailstorms. This is becoming a trend and it’s time for the Australian government to look for measures and solutions to mitigate crop damage caused by harsh weather conditions.

Thunderstorms And Hail Expected In Canberra And Sydney

Parts of NSW are expected to experience “explosive thunderstorm activity” later today, as residents of Sydney and Canberra are urged to be on high alert for a series of nasty weather.

West’s ‘HAIL ALLEY’: Damaging Storms Are Increasing

The destructive storm left behind a trail of injured and dead geese, pelicans, ducks and cormorants near the Big Lake Wildlife Management Area in the northern parts of Billings, as reported by the state park officials.

Southeast Queensland Can Expect More Severe Storms

Expect more stormy days are ahead—literally! The Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) has issued a warning for severe storms likely to sweep across southeast Queensland this coming Saturday afternoon, bringing about harsh weather conditions including damaging winds, heavy rainfall and huge hailstones.

What You Need To Know About Hail: How It Forms And Where It Is From

The 14 April 1999 hailstorm in Sydney’s inner and eastern suburbs was the most destructive in Australian history, leaving behind a trail of destruction including thousands of damaged cars and homes.