WARNING: Prepare For Violent And Dangerous Storms This Summer

Experts in Queensland have forecasted a ‘dangerous cocktail’ of extremely hot and dry weather expected to bring about unquenchable bushfires.

BOM Monitors Storms, However The Worst Is Over

 The Sunshine Coast has also been battered by hail and the BOM says the residents haven’t seen anything yet—the worst is yet to come.

Can Solar Panels Withstand Queensland Hail Storms?

Golf ball sized hailstones, heavy rainfall and 100km/h wind gusts have battered communities that reside along the storm’s track leaving about 30 homes without roofs.

Germany to Face More Hail, Extremely Heavy Rains and Thunder

The biting dry spell is over—at least for now. After smoldering temperatures topped at highs of 42C last week, Germany is now embracing itself for impending heavy rains, thunderstorms, hailstones and high winds.

Hailstorm in Europe produces Hailstones the size of Grapefruits

The internet is awash with videos showing severe hailstorms bashing through various cities in Croatia, Slovenia and Germany even as thundery weather patterns continue to hit the region.

China Southern Airlines: Shattered Windshield causes Emergency Landing

A flight belonging to the China Southern Airlines recently made an emergency landing after the plane’s windshield was shattered by a huge hailstorm.

Coldest May Day Since 2000: Rain and Strong Winds Cause Icy Chill

Melbourne city has frozen through its chilliest day in the month of May in the last 19 years, with heavy showers and wind gusts forecasted to pound the city in the coming days.

Remnants of Cyclone Trevor Cause Severe NSW Thunderstorm Warnings

A damaging storm alert has been issued for various parts of New South Wales as the remains of tropical cyclone Trevor continue to cause ravage in the state.

Huge Hail and Heavy Rain Creates “Winter Wonderland” in Wheatbelt

Huge hails and heavy rains luckily bypassed Perth but moved forward to dump big hailstones in parts of the Wheatbelt in the early morning, even as one of the residents excitedly described his hail covered backyard as a winter wonderland.

Western Sydney, Illawarra Smashed by Severe Thunderstorms and Hail

Huge hailstones measuring the size of 20 cent pieces accompanied by severe thunderstones recently battered parts of west Sydney and Illawarra.